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Welcome to the CPEI Web Site - Message from the President
     July 18, 2013 — David Sims

Dear Cycling Enthusiast:

Welcome to the Cycling PEI web site.   The volunteers and staff who comprise CPEI  are skilled, enthusiastic and friendly.  If you are looking for PEI cycling information, you will either find it here, or we'll help you to get it.  Cycling PEI programs include beginner, intermediate and advanced road rides, mountain bike training, bicycle rodeos and safe riding courses, promotion of active transporation infrastructure, training of instructors, coaches and race officials, and high level competitive events.  For people who are not so interested in competitive riding, prefering recreational riding, please ask about our Monday night road rides and Confederation Trail ride options.

April 11, 2014 -   The riding season for 2014 is just around the corner.  My farm is still more than 80% covered with snow and ice, but the white layer is getting thinner each day.  The Confederation Trail still has substantinal piles of snow, and the Brackley cycle path is not usebabe - yet. Too much snow and gravel.  We know the end of winter is coming soon, and spring riding (i.e., greater emphasis on clothing) is coming.  Over the winter months Cycling PEI's executive director and board of directors have been busy.  We have an exciting program for 2014.  The big ticket items include Red Isle Relay, Don Harris Memorial Century Ride, Gran Fondo, Tour de Cabot, a revised citizen series of races for road and mountain bikers, and the Rigid Riders instructional evening each Tuesday at Brookvale from 6:30 - 8:00 between June and September.  For 2014 we will have new mountain biking options at Brookvale, and look forward to seeing the new trails at the Brackley side of the National Park.  These trails will be more in the line of beginning and intermediate than expert, and will be family-oriented, meaning designed for hybrid bikes, moms, dads and young children.  Our hope is to conclude the 2014 season with mountain biking options in all three of PEI's counties, and a diviersity of trail choices.  

If you are resident of Charlottetown or Summerside, please visit when you encounter bad riding surfaces.  Does the bike lane need to be cleaned?  Pot hole problems?  These are fair game.

For road riders of PEI, the Gran Fondo offers a unique combination of spectacular riding and a chance for you to host your friends and relatives and, in the process, become the recognized leader of good times.  There is nothing that compares to breezing past stop signs and stop lights, being waved through by the police as part of a priority peleton.  Good roads, good scenery, good riders, good lunch and nutrition stops, and its all supervised by others.  All you need to do is ride.  Why not invite all of your riding friends to visit PEI in late August, which is often the very best time to be here.  The same weekend there will be Arts in the Open and Jazz & Blues.

Labor Day weekend will be the Tour de Cabot.  This is hard work.  And a lot of fun.  If you have not  formed a running/biking/canoeing team of 6 for the Red Isle Relay, make this your first year to do so.  This is a seaon opener in June, and its a lot of fun.

If you drive your child to school, you decrease your child's ability to learn the rest of the school day. On the flip side, when children walk or bike to school, instead of being driven in a bus or car, they concentrate much better and the effects last. This is one of the main conclusions of a study ( - in Danish) of 19,527 school children ages 5 to 19 just published by Niels Egelund, a professor at Aarhus University in Denmark. The results were made public by the research center OPUS, at the University of Copenhagen. The study investigated the connections between diet, exercise and the ability to concentrate for school students of all ages. Among its many results, one really stood out: Children have less concentration if they do not exercise on the way to school.

This web site contains many viewing options.  On the home page there is the calendar of events.  You can purchase CPEI clothing, or contact me or the Executive Director, Mike Connolly, should you have questions. Mike's phone number is 368-4985. 

David Sims


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