Our Mission

For the benefit of its members, partners and the general public, Cycling PEI provides education and leadership that contributes to a vibrant and healthy cycling experience on Prince Edward Island.

Who Are We?

Cycling PEI is a non-profit, volunteer-directed provincial body for bicycling. We represent a large range of disciplines including road, mountain bike, BMX and track in areas of recreation, youth and competition. Cycling PEI is affiliated with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) through our partnership with the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) and is a member of the Atlantic Cycling Center in Dieppe.


  Sep   17 th   Wed   Road   Recreational     Summerside Wednesday Night Beginner Road Ride  
  Sep   18 th   Thu   Trail   Recreational     Hunter River Thursday Confederation Trail Ride  
  Sep   20 th   Sat   Road   Recreational     Saturday Morning Summerside Road Ride  
  Sep   20 th   Sat   MTB   Comp/Rec     Citizen Series MTB Event #4 - Gairloch  
  Sep   21 st   Sun   Multi Sport   Comp/Rec     Brookvale Xterra  
  Sep   22 nd   Mon   Road   Recreational     Monday Night Beginner Road Ride  
  Sep   22 nd   Mon   Road   Recreational     Summerside Monday Night Intermediate Road Ride  
  Sep   23 rd   Tue   MTB   Recreational     Rigid Riders MTB Club  
  Sep   24 th   Wed   Road   Recreational     Summerside Wednesday Night Beginner Road Ride  

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Rigid Riders Continues Till End of September
     September 16, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Rigid Riders will go tonight with the ride to start at 6pm. We were going to move to Saturday's but that did not fit most people's schedules. We will continue to the end of September starting at 6pm. Some groups leaders will be present but some of the leaders for the younger kids will not be as we only asked them to commit till Labor day.

The 4 Hour Grunt MTB Endurance Race Results
     September 16, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Solo results:
1 Kent Wood 6 laps 3hours 12 min
2 Dale Irwin 6 laps 3hours 36min
3 Mark Craig 6 laps 3hours 53min
4 Michael Mathews 5 laps 3hours 18 min
5 JP Moszynski 5 laps 3hours 20min
6 Paul Deighan 5 laps 3hours 23min
7 Cory Jay 4 laps 1hour 58min

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Thursday Night Recreational Time Trail Results
     September 16, 2014 — Mike Connolly

The Thursday night time trails were a great success and we will be running them again next year starting in May and going throught the summer. The results of the last 2 time trails of the season are as follows: 

Canoe Cove TT - 17 and 34km

Shenna Gellately 34.43 - 17km route

1 Paul Wright 1:03.48 - 34km route

2 Jamie Penton 1:05.43 34km route

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Grunt 4-Hour Endurance MTB Race
     September 4, 2014 — Mike Connolly

The event has been moved to September 13th, same time.

Rigid Riders Cancelled Tuesday, September 2nd.
     September 2, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Rigid Riders Cancelled for tonight

TrailFest Spring and West Prince Event Summary
     August 20, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

The first TrailFest event took place June 14th and 15th. The first day the ride was from Emerald COmmunity Centre to the KOA in Borden. On the second day, the ride once again started from the Emerald Community Centre but went to Kensington. The weather was not the best on either of those days however, we did have a good, energetic group who showed up to participate.

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Red Mud Mountain Mayhem Resuts
     August 18, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

The MacQueen's Bike Shop Citizen Series MTB Event #3 Red Mud Mountain Mayhem took place this oast Sunday, August 17th out a Brookvale. The race began at 11am with a Riders of Tomorrow race taking place before hand. Results are as follows:


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Argyle Shore Time Trial Results
     August 18, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

The second road time trial tookplace out at Argyle Shore.It was a 20km course out and back. Results are as follows:

Sara Bryanton 41:54

Lisa Phillips 39:15

Pat Ellis 38:39

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China Point RR and TT Results
     August 12, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

Overall Results

Name Category Time Place Laps
Susan Walsh 50+-F 1:14:55 1st 3
Sheena Gellatly Sport-F 1:43:52 1st 5
Alex Phillips U19-M 1:44:33 1st 5
Lisa Phillips Sport-F 1:44:35 2nd 5
Greg Kerr Sport-M 1:47:03 1st 6
Eric Campbell Sport-M 1:47:16 2nd 6
Paul Deighan Sport-M 1:53:25 3rd 6
Bonnie Hayden Sport-F 1:54:17 3rd 5
Pete Phillips Sport-M 1:56:22 4th 6
Cory Jay Expert-M 2:05:29 1st 8
Lorenzo Caterini Expert-M 2:05:29 2nd 8
Lionel Stanley Expert-M 2:24:50 3rd 8

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Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial Results for Tuesday August 5th
     August 6, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

Results of the Rigid RIders 900m XC TT for Tuesday, August 5th.

Maxine Mallett 4:31

Dave Sims 4:01

Don McKnight 3:19

Heidi McLeod 3:26

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Road Time Trial #1 Results
     August 1, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

The first road time trial in Crapaud was a success with a total of 18 riders who participated. Results are as follows:

heinz Mayr 60:47

Sara Benton 43:31

Pat Ellis 39:03

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Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial Results for Tuesday July 29th
     July 30, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

Results of the Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial for Tuesday, July 29th. Bruce MacPherson is the new course record holder with a time of 2:27.

Jorja Hambly 4:40

Lily Nicholson 5:25

Llew Gorman 10:20

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King/Queen of Kinkora Results
     July 28, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

Sunday, July 27th, the King/Queen of Kinkora Road Race took place in Kinkora. Lisa Phillips was named the Queen and Mark Lapointe the King. Results are as follows:

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Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial Results for Tuesday July 22nd
     July 23, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

Results of the Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial for Tuesday, July 22nd.

Dave Sims 3:46

Rhonda Bulpitt 3:38

Dan King 4:06

Brian Chappell 3:40

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New Recreational Time Trial Series
     July 16, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Recreational Road Time Trials are set to begin Thursday July 31st in Crapaud; this is the first of three TT. The second one will be on August 14th at Argyle Shore and the third one will be on August 28th with location TBD .

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Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial Results for Tuesday July 15th
     July 21, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

 Result of the Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trial for Tuesday, July 15th.

Andrew Craig 3:44

Josh Abrey 3:40

Owen Connolly 3:50

Grace Connolly 3:51

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Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trail Results for Tuesday, July 8th
     July 9, 2014 — Mike Connolly


Results of the Rigid Riders 900m XC Time Trail for Tuesday, July 8th. Course record holder is Albert Flavell in 2:35.

Rafe Hambly 4:00
Peter MacFarlane 3:30
Wason Bullpitt 4:47
Lucas Kershaw 7:52


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Canoe Cove Citizen Series Road Event #2 Moved to Another Date
     July 8, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Canoe Cove Citizen Series Road Event #2 is being moved to another date due to the Rocky Point Bridge being closed due to construction. We apologize for any inconvenience. Alternate date will be posted soon.


Tour de Pants Results
     July 8, 2014 — Mike Connolly

The MacQueen's Bike Shop Citizen Series MTB race #2 Tour de Pants race went ahead even after hurrican Aurthur ripped through Brookvale knocking down too many trees to count. Thank you to all staff and volunteers who helped come out and work overtime to clear the trails of debris and fallen trees so the race could go ahead. Results are as follows: 

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     June 29, 2014

The Rigid Riders MTB program will be cancelled Tuesday, July 1st due to Canada Day celebrations and it being a holiday.

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Riverside Ripper Results 2014
     June 23, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Name Category Time Laps Finish
JT Nicholson U15-M 37:40:00 2 1
Alex Phillips U15-M 42:11:00 2 2
Andrew Craig U13-M 23:19 1 1
Rafe Hambly U13-M 28:01:00 1 2
Owen Connolly U13-M 32:02:00 1 3
Grace Connolly U13-F 27:56:00 1 1
Jorja Hambly U13-F 36:03:00 1 2
Kirk Bellamy Sport-M 1:12:11 4 1
Brent Nicholson Sport-M 1:14:38 4 2
Mike Robertson Sport-M 1:15:03 4 3
Pete Phillips Sport-M 1:15:49 4 4
Jason Hambly Sport-M 1:19:00 4 5
Chris Wilkinson Sport-M 1:20:41 4 6
Mike Connolly Sport-M 1:31:08 4 7
Allison MacDonald Sport-M DNF 4 8
Denise Bustard Sport-F 1:02:11 3 1
Lisa Phillips Sport-F 1:03:54 3 2
Tammy Craig Sport-F 1:13:03 3 3
Sara Bryanton Sport-F 1:14:20 3 4
Bruce MacPherson Elite-M 1:18:40 5 1
Mark Craig Elite-M 1:23:19 5 2
Jamie Burr Elite-M 1:35:08 5 3
Susan Walsh 50+ F 29:33:00 1 1

Mother's Day TT and Indian River Road Results
     June 16, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Cory Jay breaks his own record for the 2014 Mother's Day TT. Most people watching the race where surprised when Jay crossed the finish line and his time was sub 28 minutes due to the horrendous conditions. It was raining with high winds and it was cold, some even saw snow. The conditions were far from ideal and the roads were wet. Jay's time was 27.22.74. He shaved 28 seconds off the old mark of 27.50 that he set in 2011.

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Rigid Riders Opening Night
     May 12, 2014 — Mike Connolly

The trails at Brookvale are still too wet to ride and we will try to have the opening night of Rigid Riders Tuesday, May 20th if conditions permit. I will post updates here and send out on the e-news.

2014 Day License
     May 9, 2014 — Mike Connolly

Day licenses for recreational events will continue to be free but day licenses for races will be going up to $10. Day licenses can olny be used once a year then a CPEI license is required.

Cycling PEI Race Schedule 2014
     May 6, 2014 — Mike Connolly


Road Races 2014 Updated

Mother’s Day TT – May 10th – Bluefield HS

Citizen Series Road Event #1 – Indian River May 18th

Citizen Series Road Event #2 – Canoe Cove July 12th

Citizen Series Road Event #3 – King of Kinkora July 27th

Citizen Series Road Event #4 – China Point RR and TT August 9th

Donagh RR September 28th


MTB Races 2014 Updated

Citizen Series MTB Event #1 Riverside – June 22nd

Citizen Series MTB Event #2 - Tour De Pants – Brookvale July 6th

Citizen Series MTB Event #3 – Red Mud Mountain Mayhem – Brookvale August 17th

Citizen Series MTB Event #4 –  Gairloch - September 20th


Grunt 4 hour Enduro team or solo event September 6th – Brookvale

Brookvale Xterra September 21st

DownEaster October 25th Beck Trail


Weekly Rides Updated

Saturday Morning Summerside Road Ride

Saturday Morning Sporting Intentions Road Ride

Outer Limit Sports Thursday Morning Road Rides

Monday Night Beginner Road Ride

Summerside Wednesday Night Beginner Road Ride

Summerside Monday Night Intermediate Road Ride

Monday Night OLS MTB Ride

Monday Night Confederation Trail Ride

Thursday night Road Ride/Crit/TT


Recreational Rides

Ride of Silence – May 21

TRAILFEST 6th ANNUAL SPRING CYCLING EVENT – June 14-15 – Confederation Trail

Don Harris Memorial Century Ride – July 19th

O’Leary Confederation Trail Event – July 26th

Tour de Cabot – August 30 – September 1 – Cabot Trail

Gran Fondo PEI – August 23



Please note: Full info for all rides can be found on our events calendar. Online registration is avaialble for membership, events and races.



Cycling PEI AGM & Awards Banquet
     October 24, 2013 — Mike Connolly

Cycling PEI will be hosting their Awards Banquet Wednesday, November 13th at the Maplewood Room at the Cody Banks arena at 6:30pm. Please nominate a deserving person at http://cpei.ca/awards/. There are a whole series of ADL, CPEI & Rigid Rider specific awards. There is a potluck supper same as past years. If you are interested in bringing food or drink please e-mail me what you intend to bring so I can coordinate the food.


We are also hosting our AGM prior to the awards at 5:30pm in the same location. If anyone in interested in serving on the board please let me know. We have 1 year director positions and 2 year board positions available.

How Can You Help? VOLUNTEERS, the Vital Link
     November 30, 1999 — David Sims

How can you help?

Cycling PEI is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization.  Volunteers plan, organize and often participate in sanctioned road races, mountain bike events, recreational adult rides that range from introductory to strenuous, and children’s training programs.   We visit schools, hold technical work shops on how to care for your bicycle, and interact with many levels of government to develop safer cycing opportunities on Prince Edward Island.  CPEI exists in a context that includes an international sanctioning body (UCI), a national association, the other provincial cycling associations, and a provincially organized Sport PEI.   Being effectively represented within each of these groups requires commitment of seasoned volunteers.  Even our most enthusiastic volunteers have limited hours to offer; if CPEI is to maintain its effective level of performance and/or grow, we need help.  The good news is that we can accept assistance in many forms, ranging from occasionally showing up to help at events, to taking charge of events.  If your heart is with us, but personal constraints preclude offering any time, a financial contribution would be highly appreciated.  Please contact our executive director, Mike Connolly, for details at mconnolly@sportpei.pe.ca. We offer tax receipts for all donations through the Amateur Sport Trust Fund.

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