Free Youth Cycling Leadership Training Coming to PEI
     May 25, 2006 — Ken Trenholm

There are many sights that tell us Spring is upon us in P.E.I. and that Summer is just around the next block.

The sight that has Cycling PEI and it's President, Ken Trenholm, excited is the sight of a Master Course Conductor, Ed Ripmeester, offering a one-time only free training opportunity on the internationally acclaimed youth cycling development program to Islanders on June 10 and 11.

Sprockids was developed by an elementary school teacher in British Columbia named Doug Detwiller. The philosophy behind the program has always been to involve young people in a healthy lifelong activity that would allow them to experience personal success on a variety of levels.

In 2002, the Sprockids model was further developed into the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) Sprockids National Introduction to Cycling Program. To date, Sprockids is now in over 15 countries and its membership continues to grow.

Trenholm sees much growth potential in P.E.I.

"I started exploring if communities were interested in this youth cycling model over six months ago and a number of communities liked the idea."

"Today Cycling PEI is at a point through a partnership with the Canadian Cycling Association to offer this training for free."

"The goal is to have a Sprockids youth cycling program in as many communities in P.E.I. that want one."

Each participant who attends the two days will obtain both the classroom training as well as hands-on experience.

"You don't need to have super bicycling skills," says Trenholm. "You simply need to know how to ride a bike and want to positively influence the lives of youth."

You will ride away with the tools, increased enthusiasm, and on-going support to start your very own Sprockids Program.

Sprockids is designed with flexibility in mind and the result is much more than developing a kid's ability to ride a bicycle.

The program develops young people's self-esteem, empathy for others, anger management, and provides kids with a strong sense of belonging to a positive group while introducing them to a healthy activity they can be involved with for the rest of their lives.

It is a structured program that provides a series of sessions on a variety of bicycling bike handling skills, safety, bike maintenance, and group riding techniques.

Sprockids has been built into many different organizations: schools, sport associations, cycling club, bike shops, recreation centres, municipalities, youth centres . . . the list goes on.

Heidi Bloomfield, the Canadian Cycling Association's Sprockids Coordinator, states," The CCA and I are very happy to be working directly with Ken Trenholm, President of Cycling PEI, on developing Sprockids in PEI."

"Sprockids, the National Introduction to Cycling Program, brings communities and families together while building self-esteem and teaching life skills."

"The children have a lot of fun and it develops a healthy, positive attitude towards physical activity, while promoting an appreciation and responsibility for the environment." Bloomfield continues by stating that when Ripmeester comes to PEI in June that Islanders "will have the opportunity to learn from one of Canada?s most knowledgeable cycling enthusiast and use his knowledge as a Sprockids leader to bring it back to their community. The CCA is looking forward to a successful and rewarding Sprockids future in PEI."

The usual price for the training is $175 but will be offered this one time in PEI for Free if you register before June 7. Registration after June 7 is $30. The location for the training is Community Connections in Summerside. For more information, visit or to register call Ken Trenholm at 888-3878(h) or 859-8830(w) or email



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