Women's MTB Day

Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

Tomorrow is #WomensMTBDay, a day to celebrate riders who identify as women and share the stoke for mountain biking. I hope you can enjoy the trails with a daughter, a neighbor, a partner or a friend. It’s not a day that’s women only, simply women first. Someday soon we hope to see as many women as men out on the trails on any given day. Let’s get there together by welcoming and celebrating all women who ride, tomorrow and every day.
In celebration of Women's MTB day and the opening of the trails at Brookvale Cycling PEI will be hosting the Women's Only MTB Ride Sunday at 8am at Brookvale. Cynthia King, Jenn Hannus and myself will lead the ride.
The regular Women's Only MTB Ride will start this coming Wednesday at Brookvale at 6pm. We are asking anyone who will be participating to be a member of Cycling PEI. Please register online at
If you are not sure and want to come check it out you can sign a one day membership and participate in the ride.
We have bikes available for people who don't have a bike and we do offer instruction for those that wish to have it.
This year we will have multiple groups. Last year this was advertised as a beginner MTB Ride for Women only. Most of last year's group if they come back will not be beginners so we will offer a beginner, an intermediate and experienced group. Colleen Walton will lead the experienced group which will be a bit of a faster pace and harder trails. Kellie Andrews, Jenn Hanus, Cynthia King and Roberta MacQueen will lead the beginner and intermediate groups.
Rides to mostly take place at Brookvale but this year we will venture out more to other trail systems such as Brookvale Demo Woodlot, Riverside, Cardigan, Gairloch, Rotary Park and Bonshaw.

Host: Cycling PEI
Type: Recreational — MTB
Location: Brookvale Nordic center
Start Time: 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Mike Connolly
Directions: Google Maps (46.277761, -63.423889)
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