Cycling PEIís 2020 Introductory High-Performance MTB Camp

Saturday, June 13th, 2020


The intent and scope of this program is outlined in this letter.

Athletes who are already racing or have been identified as interested in developing their racing skills will be being placed one of three athlete development Tiers. The program’s development Tiers are structured as follows:


Tier 3 – Learn to Train

Tier 3 consists of riders new to the HP stream and is considered a development tier. Tier 3 riders vary in age, but tend to be younger athletes who are keen to develop their cycling skills and want to explore racing. Our intent is to form a Tier 3 team and introduce riders to racing slowly by integrating them into a more competitive environment. The hope for these athletes is that they continue to develop their skills, and ultimately transition into the HP Program’s upper Tiers, which will feed our Canada Games and Provincial Team.  Tier 3 athletes will typically race in their age category but will have the opportunity to “jump-up” an age category if they dominate as compared to their peers. The training requirements and commitment for Tier 3 is limited to attending group rides, acquiring racing experience, and developing racing knowledge through coach mentorship.

In terms of training, Tier 3 athletes will be asked to participate in a group ride each Saturday at various locations. The aim of these rides is to have fun while challenging athletes by pushing the pace of the ride (within reason). Group rides will be primarily MTB, though there will be opportunities for riders to try the Road discipline. Road rides will be held on quiet backroads or segregated bike-path locations. Participants in Tier are not required to have a road and mountain bike. Cycling PEI does have 3 road bikes available for athletes to borrow if they choose to try road riding.

We will also be establishing a Short Track race series on select Tuesday nights in conjunction the Rigid Riders Mountain Program that will consist of 4 races throughout the summer. Additionally, for those interested and old enough, there is a series of Time Trials every second Thursday night through the summer. Athletes can take part in the Time Trials on their MTB if they don’t have a road bike. The expectation is that athletes will attend as many Saturday morning rides as possible, attend the Rigid Riders Short Track race series, and take part in the Time Trial series if possible.  


Tier 2 – Train to Race

Athletes who progress into Tiers 2 will be expected to train and race at a higher competitive level than those in Tier 3. Tier 2 athletes will be provided training programs which they must execute both individually, and in a team setting. Tier 2 athletes will also be required to submit training reports to HP coaches on a monthly basis.

Further, Tier 2 athletes will be expected to engage in some level of off-season cycling-specific training—be it strength training, spin classes, cycling on a smart trainer, or some combination of these activities.      

Tier 2 athletes will train with the aim of attending higher-level Road and/or MTB competitions across the Atlantic region.  


Tier 1 – Race to Win

To progress into Tier 1 of the HP Program, athletes must demonstrate an even higher commitment to training, racing, and team participation. The Tier 1 regime will require more commitment to training and racing than simply following a prescribed training program and attending races. Rather, Tier 1 athletes will be provided with customized training programs and focused race schedules designed to condition athletes for high-level events such as Road/and or MTB Nationals, the Canada Games, and other high-level multi-day stage races.

Tier 1 athletes should expect a busy summer race calendar and will be responsible for undertaking intensive off-season strength training, smart trainer riding, and fitness testing. Tier 1 athletes will also be expected to reduce their non-cycling sporting activities so as to reduce injury and overtraining risks while maximizing cycling-specific skill development.

Tier 1 athletes may also be expected to attend inter-provincial training camps along as well as National Team talent identification events. 

Racing Schedule

We have established a tentative race calendar (especially given uncertainty respecting COVID-19 travel and event restrictions) which includes both on-Island and off-Island races for 2020. The expectation is that Tier 3 athletes will race in most (or all) on-Island races on the calendar and one off-Island race in their chosen discipline. Tier 3 athletes will also be required to try at least one on-Island race this season in the opposite discipline. The tentative 2020 race calendar is appended to this letter.

Tier 1 and 2 athletes should attend as many races on the 2020 calendar as possible depending on their chosen discipline. Athletes in these Tiers may “mix and match” the 2020 race calendar on an individualized basis through consultation with HP coaches.   


General Items

Program safety is paramount. Cycling PEI, and the HP Program have adopted the national NCCP Safe Sport model and will abide by the “Rule of 2” at all times. In practice, this means that no athlete is to be alone with anyone associated with the Program at any point. Coaches, team managers, Cycling PEI Board Members, and volunteer coaches will have to deliver programming in groups of two at all times when dealing with participants.

These measures extend to electronic communications, in that there is to be no direct contact with athletes. All communication with athletes must either go through parents or include someone else on the communication. We have asked all HP coaches to obtain police checks and become Safe Sport training certified in the immediate future.  

Program cost will be kept to a minimum. Participants in Tier 3 will need to provide their own bike, helmet, gloves, and glasses. Bike should be well maintained and replacement parts or major repairs are the responsibility the athlete. We hope to be able to assist with bike maintenance to some degree as many of the Program’s coaches are skilled mechanics. There is no separate registration fee at this time, but riders must pay their own Cycling PEI membership fee, race registration fees, and travel expenses.

Tier 1 and 2 athletes are eligible for funding assistance from Cycling PEI with respect to attending major competitions and select training expenses.

We will have a Q and A session where we will go over the program and everyone will get to ask all of their questions.

Let us introduce you to our coaches:

Male Coaches


Norm Adams (Tentative)

Mike Connolly

Denis Doucet

Stephen Flanagan

Cory Jay

Kyle Kneabone 

Duncan Sturz

Arend TeRaa 

Robert Wickstrom

Stuart Wight


Female Coaches


Jovette Doucet 

Courtney Phillips 

Ellen Sherren 

Tabatha TeRaa  


The Cycling PEI High Performance Committee will be overseeing the operation of the Program. Duncan Sturz is the Committee Chair and Committee members include Robert Wickstrom, Stuart Wight, and Cory Jay and ad hoc member Paul Deighan. Mike Connolly is the High Performance administrator/coach.

For more info on the program or if you are interested in participating or have a child who you would

Duncan Sturz                                                                 


Cycling PEI HP Chair


Mike Connolly


Cell 902-393-3464

Cycling PEI HP Administrator/Coach

Host: Cycling PEI
Type: Competitive — MTB
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