Tour de Cabot 2020

Sat, September 5th, 2020 — Mon, September 7th, 2020

a CYCLINGPEI Sanctioned Event...

A three day epic adventure in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. Averaging approx 100km per day at your own pace with support vehicles.   

For some history of the event Click Here for details...


We invite anyone who is interested to join in the fun of the ride.

We will be providing support equipment and logistics to assist in keeping the experience high and the costs low! Fully supprted ride with extra bikes and wheels for breakdowns and flats.

The dates on our calendar include Friday to travel to Cape Breton. Most of us are content to drive home after our final ride on the third day so we didn't add an extra day for travel home.  We'll be starting at the (old) KOA campground in Baddeck.  Remember that Monday is a holiday so you can likely do the whole trip without taking time off work unless you work on weekends.

Each day averages 100k or so. Some days are tougher than others but don't let that deter you from joining. We'll be going in a Counter-Clockwise orientation this year.  The thought of cycling the Cabot Trail may be intimidating to some but I can guarantee that you will find the level of involvement that is right for you and simply love the tour.  Set your own personal goal or simply come to enjoy time with your friends and the incredible beauty of the trail.   The intent is to include not deter.

The general information that you need to know is as follows; all participants are encouraged to travel to Baddeck and car pool where possible. Vehicles that aren't used as support are left in Baddeck until we complete the loop. Costs associated with traveling to and from your location to Baddeck is not included in the costs of the Tour. The cost of the Tour does include...  support vehicles, breakfast (Sat, Sun, Mon) and dinner (Fri, Sat, Sun)  (Lunch is not provided, you can bring your own, but most stop at a restaurant along the way), transportation of gear between campsites, camping fees, National Park fees etc..   A current Cycling PEI general membership is required for cycling participants ($30).

Riders are discouraged from bringing loads of camping gear and cooking supplies. If you have a huge tent, consider sharing it with others. Campsites generally limit how many tents can be placed on a given location. Less is more!

If you have a spouse or a friend who is not interested in cycling, but wishes to join you, the cost is $25 less, again to cover the above mentioned costs.

The key to this being a successful event is early registration to book campsites, plan food and logistics.    We generally cap participants at 50 which keeps logistics and service manageable.   Please promote, challenge others and bring a friend! 

Please consider contacting us as soon as you can to book your spot on the Tour!  

If you haven't joined us in the past, or have never even been on the trail, ask someone who has.   Plan ahead, and book the long weekend in September now, you won't be disappointed!  

Cost is $160 and $230 with a jersey or $200 if you do not have a CPEI membership. The jerseys are high quaility and you have your choice of 3 different designs.

Host: Cycling PEI
Sponsored By: Great Hobbies
Type: Recreational — Touring
Location: Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, NS
Registration: https://raceroster.com/events/2020/30101/tour-de-cabot-2020
Start Time: 9am each morning.
Distance: Averaging 100km per day over three days
Cost: $160 per person or $230 with a jersey. Also need a CPEI membership which runs $40
Contact: Cycling PEI
Mike Connolly - 902 368-4985
Directions: Google Maps (46.089246,-60.856962)
Course Details:

Tour de Cabot - counter-clockwise


Day 1

Start: Bras D'Or Lake Campground

Finish: Broad Cove Campground

Distance: ~ 103 km

Mountains: Smokey

Average Riding Time: 5 hours

Average Speed: 20 km/h

Lunch (early): Clucking Hen (~ 53 km)


Notes: Most cyclists take the shorter and fun route to the

Englishtown ferry. Take Rte 105 past Rte 19, then take Rte 312

to Englishtown. The ferry is about 5 minutes and is free for cyclists.

We usually do an early lunch at The Clucking Hen in the community of North Shore before climbing Mt Smokey!


Day 2

Start: Campground

Finish: Cheticamp Campground

Distance: ~ 102 km

Mountains: North, MacKenzie, French

Average Riding Time: 6 hours

Average Speed: 16 km/h

Lunch (late): Town of Pleasant Bay

(~69 km)


Notes: We suggest taking the scenic route through Neils Harbour.

Take a right onto New Haven Road to Neils Harbour and

continue on. The route adds approx 6km to the day,

but you won’t be disappointed!

We usually break for a well deserved lunch in

Pleasant Bay, just before climbing Mt MacKenzie.

Lots of climbing today... one pedal stroke at a time! Lots of climbing today... one pedal stroke at a time!


Day 3

Start: Cheticamp ampground

Finish: Bras D'Or Lake Campground

Distance: ~ 84 km

Mountains: None

Average Riding Time: 4 hours

Average Speed: 25 km/h

Lunch: The Dancing Goat (~50km)

The Lakes (~ 60km)


Notes: Although no real mountains, this section has lots of

rolling hills, with a long grade up Hunters in the last 10km.

We usually stop at The Dancing Goat or The Lakes in

Lake O Law for a “fuel-up” before the last push through to the finish.

Notes: Although no real mountains, this section has lots of

rolling hills, with a long grade up Hunters in the last 10km.

We usually stop at The Dancing Goat or The Lakes in

Lake O Law for a “fuel-up” before the last push through to the finish.




Online registration is open and you can register by selecting any category listed after you select Tour de Cabot.  If you have and questions please contact Mike Connolly. You can also register online at Atlantic Chip. 

Register at https://raceroster.com/events/2020/30101/tour-de-cabot-2020




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