Upstreet and AITO Present: The Bike Rave

Monday, August 13th, 2018

The brightest fundraiser on 2 wheels is back! Do you love to bike? Do you love to dance? Do you love multicoloured lights and glowsticks? Upstreet and Art in the Open want you to come out and show your love for all of the above at the 3rd annual Bike Rave, the biggest mobile dance party on the East Coast! Instead of waiting for the party to happen, we create it and make it mobile. This event is a fundraiser for the Art in the Open Festival and is a celebration of bikes and lights at night! As we make our way from Peake's Quay through downtown, we will surprise and delight passers-by with our portable party! The Bike Rave is an all-ages, chem-free event, but for those who are 19 or older, there will be a dance party at Upstreet at the conclusion of the Bike Rave where rad craft brews and sodas will be available. WHAT TO EXPECT Tickets to this fundraising event are $5 for those 18 and under, and $15 for 19+. Tickets include Bike Rave glow gear, access to decoration stations before the rave, and admission to the post-Rave dance party in the Upstreet taproom for those 19+. Just interested in the dance party? No problem, tickets are $10 at the door at Upstreet, and it’ll get underway at around 9:30. You’re welcome to join us midway through the Rave, but please consider donating at the next stop. THE PLAN We’ll meet in the bike circle at Confederation Landing at 7:30 pm and decorate our bikes/paint faces/warm up before setting off at 8:30. We’ll have extra glow sticks and LED lights for sale, but bring whatever you’d like to jazz up your bike - streamers, Christmas lights, the sky’s the limit! Now that your bike is a shining beacon, it’s time to decorate yourself! Do you have a badass onesie or your favourite pair of crazy pants that need a party? Now’s your chance! Think bright lights, reflective jackets, fluoro hair, or anything else that’s flashy. Don’t let your bike upstage you! Bring your Bluetooth speakers and put ‘em in your bike basket! We’ll have a radio frequency with a mix of high-energy party tunes to keep you dancing all night long. Don’t have speakers? No worries; veteran Ravers with speakers will be placed strategically along the group for maximum party potential. We’ll be making strategic stops to jump off your bike and jam to sweet party beats, then jump back on and ride to the next dance floor. WARNING: there may or may not be water balloons and surprises along the way. Come to find out! We’ve got prizes for Best Dressed Bike, Raddest Costume, and a few others, and these will be awarded to the best of the best before the 19+ after party. PRO TIPS FROM EXPERIENCED BIKE RAVERS Ride safe! Be conscious of drivers and other riders. Give other bike ravers lots of room on the roads and bike paths. If someone falls over, pick them up and see if they are ok. Bike ravers are lovers, not fighters! Stay with the rave! The Bike Rave is not a race- if you are too far ahead and we make a turn, we will not be sending out a search party, but if you get lost, meet us at Upstreet for prizes and more dancing. Make sure you have all that’s legally required to ride a bike on the streets of Charlottetown. LEAVE NO TRACE. We want this year to be as clean as can be! Throw out your trash or bring it with you to a place where you can. Standard disclaimer: Please note that Bike Rave does not condone the use of illicit substances and/or alcohol while riding a bike; this is a chem-free event. We’ll celebrate our flashy victory over a pint afterward! Be kind to bystanders, volunteers, and the police. The Police have been quite supportive of this event over the last few years, so show your appreciation! THINGS TO BRING Your bike and helmet – these will not be provided! Lights, Bluetooth speakers, party attitude Patch kit in case of flats Lots of water – raving is hard work, gotta stay hydrated! Snacks All your friends Your dancing shoes THE WEATHER If it's nice out, we ride. If it’s cloudy, we ride. If it's raining a little, we might ride. If it’s really pouring, we don’t ride. Our speakers will get messed up. If you aren’t sure, check the website or AITO or Upstreet's Facebook pages for updates.

Host: Upstreet Craft Brewing
Type:  — Touring
Location: Charlottetown
Registration: 7:30pm
Start Time: 8:30pm
Cost: $15 for adults, $5 for 18 and under
Fundraiser: Art In The Open
Contact: Upstreet Craft Brewing
Directions: Begins at Confederation Landing before winding through the streets of downtown, ending at Upstreet Craft Brewing for a glow party.
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