New Endurance Cycling Series
     May 17, 2007 — Ken Trenholm

The Summerside Cycling Club is looking forward to a great year on the saddle.  The Club is organizing an Endurance Series that will focus on being a fun and social ride, with a comfortable pace.  The Club is partnering with the organizers of the Diabetes Century Ride and the North Cape Coastal Ride.  You must be a member of the Club to ride in the club organized rides ($40 membership fee that includes a General CPEI Membership).

All endurance rides will have one shorter distance and one longer distance available. 

The dates of the endurance series are as follows.





Name of Ride 


1. May 26 40 or 100 km

Frosty Treat Ride 

Ben Kennedy
2. June 16 50 or 110 km   Rob Cook
3. June 30 60 or 140 km   Dave Clark
4. July 21 80 or 160 km   Jeff Proctor & Ralph Leonard
5. July 22 100 or 160 km

 Diabetes Century Ride

Diabetes Century Ride Commitee
6. August 4 < or = 278 km

Biking for Breakfast Challenge 

BFBC Planning Committee
7. August 25 60 or 140 km  

Ernie Schlieckhorn (Ernie's B-Day Ride)

8. Sept 8 & 9   182 km (2 days)

 North Cape Coastal Ride

 NCCR Planning Committee

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