Summerside Cycling Club Announces 2007 Calendar
     May 14, 2007

The Summerside Cycling Club has announced its 2007 cycling season and this week marks the first two major milestones for the club in the new year.

The first milestone is what has caught the international world by storm: sprockids. Sprockids is a youth cycling program designed for youth aged 9 to 13 years. The program teaches a variety of bicycle knowledge, safety practice, and riding skills in a progression of development model. The program is in 17 countries and this will be the first time the program has been run in Summerside. The program has already meet the expectations of the club's founder, Ken Trenholm, who explains the program requires a certified sprockids instructor to run the course. The Summerside Club is running two groups, one boy and one female group during this first year. Both groups will have one certified leader and two adult assistants. The first night for the program is this week, Thursday May 17 at Rotary Friendship Park at 6:15 p.m. (with a $15.00 registration fee).

The second milestone this week for the club is the launching of its third annual training series. The historic St. Mary's Church in Indian River is home to the first training ride of the year in the point series on May 19 at 8 a.m.. The Indian River Course is a three lap ride over a 12.1 km course. The male course record is held by Mark Bowlan of Stratford. Bowlan out-sprinted Dave Clark of Summerside in September of 2006 to complete the 36.3 km course with a 1:02:04 time, averaging 35.11 kilometers-per-hour. The female course record was uncontested in 2006, leaving Patricia Ellis of Charlottetown still holding the course record at 1:22:40, averaging a speed of 26.36 kilometers-per-hour.

The Indian River course is one of three road training rides this year. The other two rides include the King of Kinkora course and the Crank of K'Town course.

The most popular of the training rides, the individual Wednesday night time trails, will start up again on May 23 at St. Eleanor's Diary Bar in Summerside with a 6:15 start time. A total of 16 time trials are scheduled for this year.

In addition to the training time trials, track riding, road, and track riding, the 2007 Summerside Cycling Club calendar also marks the introduction of an 8 ride Endurance Series throughout the year. The goal of the endurance series to for the rides to be recreational and fun, with various ride distance options, combined with social activity -- all of which are preparing riders wishing to participate in the tip-to-tip 278 km across PEI in one day Biking for Breakfast Challenge, a fund-raiser for breakfast programs across PEI.

The Club is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2005 with an emphasis on organizing bicycling activities in the Summerside and surrounding area. In it's first two years of existence, the club has had 119 different riders participate in events ranging from races to training rides to recreational rides.

For more information on the Club or to obtain a copy of their calendar, visit or call Ken at 888-3878.

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