Road Officials Course
     April 17, 2007 — Kelsey McIntosh

BNS is offering a Road Commissaire course in conjunction with the first race of the season, AMP. The course will be held on Friday, April 27 (6:00-9:00pm); Saturday (9:00am-5:00pm) and Sunday (9:00am-the race is over!).
The fee for the course is $200.  The Cdn Cyc Assoc (CCA) has agreed to subsidize $100 of fee.  A PEI subsidy could also be available for members.
Classroom sessions will be at Sport Nova Scotia. Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. Transportation to the race venue on Sunday can be arranged if you require it.
Prior knowledge or experience of road racing not necessarily an asset and you will not have to get on a bike.
So who should take this course? Anyone interested who is being dragged along to races and left with time on your hands? Anyone who can read a Rule book (actually it has pictures too).
What will you have to do when you complete the course? Commissaires work as a team. Depending on the event, there will be between two or more Commissaires at each event. The Commissaire’s job is to ensure safety and fair-play. Commissaires undertake a variety of tasks at a race. There will be one that suits you.
The more Commissaires there are, the better it will be for racing. So this is your “call to the line”. Step up and join the ranks of BNS Commissaires and share in the success of competitive cycling in Nova Scotia... and beyond! Yes, especially for those aged 40 or younger, there is the possibility of becoming a National or International official who could even end up at the Tour de France!!! It’s easier to get there as an official than as a competitor... Your dream starts on April 27.
A maximum of 10 candidates will be accepted in this course.
Questions? Email Peter ( or call 902.425.4173. Want to register? Contact Ike Whitehead ( or 425-5450).

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