Ernie Schleichkorn of Summerside was the most improved rider...
     September 7, 2006 — Ken Trenholm

Members of the Summerside Cycling Cup completed the final Miscouche Time Trial in style with 6 riders out of 8 starters setting new personal bests.

The day belonged to Ernie Schleichkorn of Summerside. Schleichkorn was the most improved rider on this day, shaving 35 seconds off his previous personal best.

Up to the challenge on this day was Leo Flood of Kinkora. Flood not only improved his time by 29 seconds but became the 7th rider to complete the course in under 20 minutes.

The third most improved rider was Dave Clark of Summerside. Clark improved his time by 19 seconds and came within 18 seconds of a new course record currently held by Wes Jackshaw (Summerside).

Jennifer Power-Hawrylak (Summerside) improved on her mid season personal best by 11 seconds with an average speed of 32.29 kilometers-per-hour.

For Power-Hawrylak, she has taken over a 100 point lead in her quest to capture the Women's Points Championship for the Club in the 2007 cycling season.

Rounding out the improvements were Scott Clark (Summerside) by 7 seconds and Ken Trenholm (Summerside) by 2 seconds.

Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) and Chris Gallant (Summerside) rounded out the field on this day.

The overall ride results for the day are as follows:

1. Jennifer Power-Hawrylak (Summerside) 23:03 (32.29 kph) improved PB by 0:11

1. Dave Clark (Summerside) 19:22 (38.51 kph) improved PB by 0:19
2. Leo Flood (Kinkora) 19:56 (37.35 kph) improved PB by 0:29
3. Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 19:58 (37.34 kph) improved PB by 0:02
4. Scott Clark (Summerside) 21:54 (33.97 kph) improved PB by 0:07
5. Ernie Schliechkorn (Summerside) 22:40 (32.89 kph) improved PB by 0:35
6. Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 23:05 (32.29 kph)
7. Chris Gallant (Summerside) 25:48 (28.84 kph)

The following adult points were awarded today: D.Clark 67 (50-1st; 15-PB; 2-start); Power-Hawrylak 67 (50-1st; 15-PB; 2-start); S. Clark 52 (35-4th; 15-PB; 2-start); Schleichkorn 47 (30-5th; 15-PB; 2-start); Flood 37 (20-adjusted placement; 15-PB; 2-start); Gallant 22 (20-7th; 2-start); Trenholm 17 (15-PB; 2-start) and Hemphill 7 (5-adjusted placement; 2-start).

Here are the overall point standings:

Overall Youth Point Leaders
(Under 7 Male)
Austin Trenholm (Summerside) 20 pts

(Under 9 Male)
Matthew Tanton (Summerside) 77 pts

(Under 9 Female)
Alysha Trenholm (Summerside) 68 pts

(Under 13 Male)
Nathan Tanton (Summerside) 90 pts

Overall Adult Training Point Leaders
Jennifer Power-Hawrylak (Summerside) 337 pts
Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 233 pts
Ardelle Hynes (North Rustico) 156 pts
Karen Spiteri (Dubia, Middle East) 94 pts

Overall Adult Training Point Leaders
Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 1086 pts
Dave Clark (Summerside) 876 pts
Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 790 pts
Leo Flood (Kinkora) 778 pts
Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 738 pts
Paul Wright (Bedeque) 568 pts
Jeff Proctor (New Hampshire) 558 pts
Chris Silvaggio (Summerside) 421 pts
Rob Cook (Travellers Rest) 382 pts
Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside) 352 pts
Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 330 pts
Scott Clark (Summerside) 299 pts
Jason Linger (Charlottetown) 268 pts
Ralph Leonard (Conn., USA) 263 pts
Mark Bowlan (Stratford) 238 pts
Chris Gallant (Summerside) 141 pts
Kenny Sampson (North Rustico) 138 pts
Jules Aucoin (Summerside) 94 pts
Harvey Chandler (Charlottetown) 86 pts
Pat Spiteri (Dubai, Middle East) 59 pts
Pat Wright (North Delta, BC) 37 pts
Paul Dalton (St. Louis, PE) 32 pts
George Mallia (Kensington) 22 pts
Bob Stanley (Charlottetown) 19 pts

The next training ride is on Wednesday, September 13, meeting at St. Mary's Church in Indian River at 6:15 pm for the last Indian River TT of the year.

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