Winter Cycling Fitness and Conditioning Program
     October 8, 2020 — Mike Connolly

Synergy Fitness & Nutrition
Strength & Conditioning Program for Cycling PEI Members / Endurance Athletes
October 20 - May 1
Tuesday / Thursday @ 5pm or 7pm
* Additional times can be added to these as well
● Programs and workouts are designed to improve overall strength and conditioning in
preparation for 2021 spring / summer riding.
● Programs are available for all fitness levels, age and training experience.
● Option to do fitness performance testing at start and end of program.
● All sessions led by a Synergy Certified Instructor in a private and professional training
For more information contact
Cost - $299 plus tax (2 Day per week program)
- $399 plus tax (3 Day per week program)
Register at . Click sign-up / sign-in button on the homepage. Once
registered you can reserve your spot in your preferred training time.
For more information contact

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