Professional Development (PD) Opportunities For Coaches
     April 10, 2020 — Mike Connolly

Within the Competition Development certification status, there is a requirement to accumulate 30 PD points to retain the certification status and 20 points for the Introduction to Competition status. These points need to be accumulated over a five (5) year period. Here is a list of opportunities that can be obtained to maintain certification:
 Making Ethical Decisions (MED) – this is now a requirement for all coaches, if it is not already completed. This module can be found within your Locker profile, under the e-learning tab.
 This evaluation is free for coaches who have already completed the MED Training. If you have not completed the training, the cost for this course is $85. More information can be found here.
 There are other e-learning options within your Locker profile that will allow you to earn points. Some are free of charge, and others will come with a fee.
 Managing Conflict Online Evaluation ($85)
 NCCP Emergency Action Plan (free)
 NCCP Sport Nutrition ($20)
 Making Headway (fee)
 Other multi-sport workshops that may be of benefit to your work within cycling can be found through the CAC website.
 Cycling Canada will also be providing PD opportunities throughout the year, which will be communicated and posted on our website as soon as a schedule and content have been determined.
 Self Reporting within your Locker profile is also accepted (Ex: report 1 PD point/year for coaching)
 1 PD point/year for every year in an active role
 1 point for completion of the CCES anti-doping update
 Other sport specific points can be earned via online or in-person workshops:
 Caravan drivers course

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