April 10, 2020 — Mike Connolly

Can I still leave my house to ride my bike?


Canadians have been urged to stay at home to reduce the spread of the virus. At this time, Cycling Canada recommends that cyclists who are equipped to ride indoors strongly consider staying home for recreational riding and training. Cycling Canada is fortunate to have athletes such as Catharine Pendrel, Ross Wilson and Antoine Duchesne leading online Zwift rides, so if at all possible, we encourage you to keep an eye out on social media for those. We encourage you to do home workouts or exercise routines rather than heading outside for a ride.


While the Government of Canada has not prohibited outdoor cycling, your local health authority may have stricter policies that you should observe. If it is permitted where you live and you do decide to go out, it is critical that you practice physical distancing and good hygiene. At all times keep a physical distance of 2 metres from others and avoid crowded areas. Be self-sufficient on your rides and ride your bike responsibly. With such intense pressure on our healthcare system it is each of our responsibility to manage risk wherever we can. Stick to routes you know well that are close to home and avoid crossing provincial borders. Only go out for a ride once a day or as is strictly necessary. Additionally, please respect any national and provincial park trail closures.


Do not organize group rides, only ride with people you already live with. If cyclists do not practice proper social distancing, the government may feel it has no choice but to intervene and prevent all outdoor riding which has happened in some other countries. 


What does this mean for clubs/cycling groups?


Our recommendation to clubs is that no organized activities (including rides, training, in-person coaching and events) should take place during this period, in line with government advice on social gatherings and non-essential travel. We would implore clubs to follow the advice set out in the ‘Can I still leave my house to ride my bike?’ section of this page. Set up online group rides to keep engaged with your community and video conferencing for coaching advice but do not gather.


How can I continue to keep active while adhering to government guidance?


There are many options for staying active in your home. Canada’s Sport Medicine Advisory Committee has recommended that athletes reduce their training regimens and instead exercise moderately indoors focusing on maintaining general health, working on stability, core strength and fundamental movement quality.

Cycling Canada will also be sharing the details on social media of athlete-led Cycling Canada group rides on Zwift. We are following and sharing athlete home workouts and initiatives like Sara Poidevin’s #HealthyHabitsWithPoido which is encouraging people to stay healthy and active while staying indoors. Additionally, we are working on a partnership with a new digital platform for online rides.


I am an athlete, what mental health resources are available to me?


Cycling Canada has invested significantly in mental health and mental performance. Our national talent pool athletes all have access to support through our mental health and performance team. Athletes can also access this support directly from the practitioners, or through the national team coaches, through the national team physicians or through their representatives on the Athletes Council. Athletes who are registered at a Canadian Sport Institute have access to resources through those organizations. Additional resources include GamePlan and Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport.


For emergency clinical support, we also encourage athletes to contact local health agencies. Any athlete who is struggling is encouraged to contact Cycling Canada so we can connect them with the support they need.


When have cycling events in Canada been suspended until?


Cycling Canada has recommended that all events through May 1 be postponed or cancelled. The situation will be reassessed on April 3 for events that are scheduled between May 2 and June 14. We are recommending that our provincial and territorial associations implement a similar process.


The Canadian government is urging all of us to work together to fight the spread of the virus by limiting all non-essential gatherings. The health and safety of Canadians is our priority so until further notice, we will not recommend that any events go ahead as originally planned.


Will postponed and cancelled races get new dates?


Cycling Canada will work with organizers, the UCI and provincial partners once the health crisis is under control to determine whether events postponed or cancelled are able to receive new dates.


I am an event organizer – What should I do next? Who should I contact for more information?


Organizers of sanctioned local, regional or provincial level events should contact their respective provincial cycling association. Organizers of sanctioned national and/or international events should contact Cycling Canada. Cycling Canada, along with our provincial partners, are equipped to assist organizers in assessing the status of their event and make recommendations based on evolving public health guidelines.


How will race cancellations affect my points and ranking?


With potentially fewer events and opportunities to race, the suspension of all racing could greatly impact athletes who were looking to 2020 to progress through the categories or rankings. Cycling Canada is mindful of athletes' concerns and will monitor the situation carefully once racing resumes.


Can you direct me to additional travel, health and safety resources?


If you are looking for health and safety guidelines and resources, we recommend you consult the Health Canada, World Health Organizations, or your municipal and provincial health websites. Here are additional recommendations from the Government of Canada on mass gatherings and travel advice.


About Cycling Canada

Cycling Canada is the governing body for competitive cycling in Canada. With the vision of becoming a leading competitive cycling nation, Cycling Canada manages the High Performance team, hosts national and international events and administers programs to promote and grow cycling across the country.

Status of Domestic Events


Ottawa, ON (April 3rd, 2020) As you are well aware, the Canadian Government has announced stricter restrictions over the last few weeks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In order to continue to support the efforts from public health authorities to minimize the transmission of the virus, to reduce the pressure on athletes and members, Cycling Canada is now extending the recommendation that all cycling events on the Cycling Canada calendar between be postponed or cancelled until June 14th.


For an up to date list of canceled or postponed events, please see the event list at the following link:


As this is a rapidly evolving situation, Cycling Canada will reassess the situation on April 20th for events that are scheduled between June 15th  and August 1st. Due to the wide range of events and jurisdictions, we are recommending that our provincial and territorial associations implement a similar process. That said, we acknowledge that a progressive return to racing at the local and provincial level might be possible at an earlier date in some provinces. Event organizers should consult with their local government and health agencies to determine the risk associated with their event. 


Cycling Canada will continue to publish updates as they become available. We are committed to ensuring that our members have access to the most current information.


Postponement – order of priority

All organizers who have made the decision to postpone their event will be asked to submit to Cycling Canada their two preferred postponement date options. Cycling Canada cannot make any guarantee that the dates presented will be accepted, but will make every best effort to try and accommodate when the 2020 season resumes.


 Please note that any events already scheduled on dates included in the resumed season will have the right to maintain their calendar placement and sanction subject to UCI approval.


First Priority:

Canadian Championship Events

Second Priority:

UCI-sanctioned domestic events

Third Priority:

National Calendar events


We will work diligently and collaboratively with our organizers and provincial organisations to reschedule as many of our planned events as possible.  



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