Cycling PEI 2019 Award Winners
     November 29, 2019 — Mike Connolly

CPEI Don Harris Memorial Recreational Rider of the Year –   Bob Acorn
CPEI Event of the Year -  Strathaganza
CPEI Most Improved Rider of the Year – Tyler McLellan
CPEI President's Award –  Mark Bowlan
Ron St. Onge Cycling PEI Builders Award –   Mark Steele, Mark Weeks
Rigid Rider Coach/leader of the Year –  

             Jeremy Cameron

             Brian Chappell

             Donnie Morrison

             Geoff Murray

             Matt Eye

             Peter MacFarlane

             Jovette Doucet

             Denis Doucet

             Frank Robblee

             Joel Mills

             Mark Steele

             Darcy Gorman

             Heidi MacLeod

             Lynn Robblee

             Derek Anderson

             Joe Downham

             Brandon Williams

             Jean Daigle

             Mark Weeks

             Cynthia King

             Jake Larsen

             Mike Robertson

             Harvey Anderson

             Ben Instone

             Nathaniel Rice

             Brian Murray

             John Barrett

             Connor Barrett

             Frank Hughes

             Susan Walsh  

Rigid Rider Most Improved rider of the Year –   

             Ryerson Ranahan

             Daniel Geldert

             Llew Gorman

             Larissa Muirhead
Rigid Rider of the Year –            Donovan Howatt
Rigid Rider Participant/s of the Year –  

             Jody Newell

             Yolande Gaudet

             Stephen Lewis

             Rose Kouwenberg

             Harmony Goddard

             Matthew Hanus

             Tanya Wiltshire

             Adam Calam

             Steve  Lund

             Chris MacMillan

             Janet Lauzon

             Kelly Charlesworth

             Michael Berger

             Jennifer Hanus

             Donnie Morrison

             Cynthia King

             Mike Robertson

             Shawn Geldert

             Donald Mallett

             Trent Ranahan

             Troy Vom Braucke

             Kent Sheen

             Ron Hately

             Ron Goddard

             Geoff Murray
Rigid Riders 3D Award –            Harvey and Derek Anderson

Rigid Rider Rookie(s) of the Year       Nadia Carr


Category Name  Placement
MTB Citizen Series U-11 Male Rowan Robblee 1st
  Haiden Davis 2nd
  Carter Weeks 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-11 Female Addison Weeks 1st
MTB Citizen Series U-13 Male Charles Burke 1st
  Georges Doucet 2nd
  Tommy Bridges 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-15 Female Ameila Doucet 1st
MTB Citizen Series U-17 Female Meaghan Runge 1st
MTB Citizen Series Sport Male Norm Adams 1st
  Jimmy Mena 2nd
  Frank Robblee 3rd
MTB Citizen Series Sport Female Courtney Phillips 1st
  Jovette Docuet 2nd
MTB Citizen Series Expert Male Tyler MacLellan 1st
  Andrew Pickard 2nd
  Robert Wickstrom  3rd
MTB Citizen Series 50+ Male Dale Irwin 1st
  Don Mallett 2nd
  Kirk Bellamy 3rd
MTB Citizen Series 50+ Female Lisa Phillips 1st
Road Citizen Series Sport Male Mark Craig  1st
  Tyler MacLellan 2nd
  Justin Hebb 3rd
Road Citizen Series Sport Female Courtney Phillip 1st
Road Citizen Series 50+ Male Paul Deighan  1st 
Road Citizen Series Expert Male Derek Hughes  1st
  Andre Boudreau 2nd
  Cory Jay 3rd
Gravity Series Expert Male Mitchell Guindon 1st
  Jake Larsen 2nd
  Joe Downham 3rd
Gravity Series Wreckreational Male Mark Richard  1st
  Matt Ross 2nd
  Derek Anderson 3rd
Provincial Champions    
U-11 Male - Rowan Robblee    
U-11 Female - Addison Weeks    
U-15 Female - Amelie Doucet    
U-13 Male - Charles Burke    
50+ Female - Lisa Phillips    
50+ Male - Don Mallett    
Sport Male  - Duncan Sturz    
Expert Male - Tyler MacLellan    
Sport Male  - Mark Richard    
Expert Male -  Mitchell Guindon    
Road TT    
Sport Male - Arend Teraa    
Sport Female - Tabatha Teraa    
Expert Male -   Andre Boudreau    
Road Race     
Sport Male  -   Mark Craig    
Expert Male -Derek Hughes    
Sport Female -   Courtney Phillips    
50+ Male -   Paul Deighan    

Sponsor Awards were given to the following for their contributions to Cycling PEI:

On behalf of Cycling PEI, I would like to recognize and give a sincere thank you to the following sponsors and funders for the 2018/19 season:


Dairy Farmers of Canada Cycling PEI Title sponsor


                Province of PEI- Dept of Health & Wellness,

                Dept of Tourism and Parks

                Dept of TIE

Sport PEI

City of Charlottetown


PEI Canada Games Dreams and Champions Legacy  

Great Hobbies

Kwik Kopy

                Campbell’s Concrete                  

                Chucker’s Trophies & Awards

                Chandler Motor Repair       

                Rossignol Estate Winery

                Gemini Screen Printing

                Vision Auto and Tire

                M.B. Eye Electrical

                O’Connor Glass

                Mallett’s Radiator Service

                Power’s Monuments

                Sacred Rides PEI

                CBCL Engineering

                Markan Group

                Proctor Ski and Board

                Exit Reality Stuart Wight

                Old Dutch Foods

                Symmetrics Health

                Sporting Intentions

                Wally’s Pharmasave



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