Cycling PEI to Groom Select Trails for Fat Biking this Winter
     January 22, 2018 — Mike Connolly

Cycling PEI will be grooming trails for use for snow shoe, fat biking, and xc skiing at the following sites: Strathgartney, Friendship Rotory Park in Summerside, Brookvale Demo Woodlot, Riverside and possibly Gairloch. Their may be additional trails added as we progress.

We invite all users to come use the trails. However, we ask that all users respect a few trail etiquette features. If the trail cannot support your weight please stay off it till it freezes.

When the snow is soft and deep it is usually ok for xc skiing, fat biking and snow shoeing. When people bike with skinny tires, walk their dog or hike on soft deep trails this leaves holes in the ground that later freeze and become pot holes that make the trail no fun for anyone. We simply ask that people use snow shoes, skiis or fat bikes so they do not leave huge holes in the trail OR simply wait till it freezes. Once frozen most trails can support most users.

If the weather turns mild and the temp goes above freezing and the trails are laid bare, this is the worst time to walk, hike or bike on the trails. This is when the most damage occurs due to soil exposure. The warm temp combined with the open ground creates muddy conditions with the top layer of soil being damaged and carried away on boots and tires. Once it is gone it cannot be replaced and this exposes roots etc and degrades the trail. Best times to use the trail is early mornings and late evenings when the temp is low and the trail is frozen. Keep in mind whatever you do on the trail on a day with wet stciky snow will be there for a long time after it freezes. Wet, sticky snow, (snowball snow) is not ideal for hiking, walking or skinny tires.

Our trail groomer will be out grooming trails and we ask that people stay off the freshly groomed trail till it has time to set and freeze,

Please respect trail closures. If you see the orange tape across the trail head and sign that says "trail temporarily cliosed" please respect this and stay off the trails.

Here is a video of the snow grooming machine and a ride at Strat.


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