2017 Cycling PEI Award Winners
     November 22, 2017 — Mike Connolly

ADL/Sport PEI Coach of the Year – Ben Instone, Mike Connolly
ADL/Sport PEI Junior Female Athlete of the Year – Marilyn Sheen
ADL/Sport PEI Junior Male Athlete of the Year – Matt Nicholson
ADL/Sport PEI Official of the Year – Brad Scheuermann
ADL/Sport PEI Senior Female Athlete of the Year – Tessa Craig
ADL/Sport PEI Senior Male Athlete of the Year – Cory Jay

ADL/Sport PEI Para-cyclist Athlete of the Year – Stella Walsh
ADL/Sport PEI Team/Club of the Year – Canada Games Men’s Road Team
ADL/Sport PEI Volunteer Administrator of the Year –  Shannon Burt
ADL/Sport PEI Volunteer of the Year –  Gaetan Dallaire
CPEI Don Harris Memorial Recreational Rider of the Year – Jeff Proctor
CPEI Event of the Year -  Gran Fondo
CPEI Most Improved Rider of the Year –  Andre Boudreau, Matt Jelley
CPEI President's Award – Tammy Craig
Ron St. Onge Cycling PEI Builders Award – Ryan Bradley
Rigid Rider Coach of the Year – Ernie Schleichkorn
Rigid Rider Most Improved rider of the Year –  Georges Doucet
Rigid Rider of the Year –  Patrick Cheverie
Rigid Rider Participant/s of the Year –  Peter Macfarlane, Harvey Anderson
Rigid Riders 3D Award – Cole Taylor

Rigid Rider Rookie(s) of the Year – Cole Taylor, Quaid Cooper, Tina Gillingham

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