Citizen Series Winners and Provincial Champs
     November 10, 2017 — Mike Connolly

 All top 3 winners are invited to our awards banquet Thursday, November 16th at the West Royalty Community Center at 7pm.

Category Name  Placement
MTB Citizen Series U-13 Male Owen Connolly 1st
  William Banfield 2nd
  Cash Fisher 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-13 Female Lily Nicholson 1st
  Sophia Banfield 2nd
  Addison Weeks 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-15 Male Andrew Craig 1st
  Wyatt Thompson 2nd
  Hunter MacGrath 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-15 Female Grace Connolly 1st
MTB Citizen Series U-17 Male Cole Taylor 1st
  Shaun Henshall 2nd
MTB Citizen Series Sport Male Brandon Williams 1st
  Matt Nicholson 2nd
  Matt Jelley 3rd
MTB Citizen Series Sport Female Tammy Craig 1st
  Tessa Craig 2nd
  Ellen Sherren 3rd
MTB Citizen Series Expert Male Robert Wickstrom  1st
  Mark Craig  2nd
  Holden Sheen 3rd
MTB Citizen Series Expert Female Marilyn Sheen 1st
  Bonnie Hayden 2nd
  Emma Walton 3rd
MTB Citizen Series 50+ Male Dale Irwin 1st
  Mike Connolly 2nd
  Joel Mills 3rd
Road Citizen Series U-15 Male Andrew Craig 1st
  Stephen Liu 2nd
Road Citizen Series U-17 Male Matt Nicholson 1st
Road Citizen Series Sport Male Mark Craig  1st
  Jonathan MacInnis 2nd
  Jared Stretch 3rd
Road Citizen Series Sport Female Lori Pridham 1st
Road Citizen Series 50+ Male Alan Thompson 1st 
  Paul Wright 2nd
Road Citizen Series Expert Male Cory Jay 1st
  Derek Hughes  2nd
  Geoff MacDonald 3rd
Road Citizen Series Beginner Male  Kris Peoples 1st
Provincial Champions    
U-13 Female - Lily Nicholson    
U-13 Male - Owen Connolly    
U-15 Male - Hunter MacGrath    
50+ Male - Dale Irwin    
Female Sport - Grace Connolly    
Sport Male  - Matt Jelley    
Expert Male - Robert Wickstrom    
Expert Female - Tessa Criag    
Sport Male  - Mark Steele    
Expert Male -  Mitchell Guindon    
Expert Mens - Robert Wickstrom    
Sport Mens - Matt Nicholson    
Expert Female - Courtney Phillips    
U13 Female - Lily Nicholson    
Road TT    
50+ Male - Alan Thompson    
Sport Male - Mark Criag    
Beginner Female - Kim Landry    
Expert Male - Cory Jay    
Road Race     
Sport Male  - Jonathan MacInnis    
Beginner Female - Kim Landry    
Beginner Male - Kris Peoples    
Expert Male - Cory Jay    

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