King of Kinkora Cycling Stage One Results
     July 8, 2006 — Ken Trenholm

On a day where Floyd Landis finished second in the Individual Time Trial at the Tour de France, creating a gap of minutes between him and the other race favorites, the Summerside Cycling Club had their own 60 km King of the Mountains training ride in Kinkora on Saturday.

Both of these events had some similarities. While Landis had mechanical problems (a flat tire) and quickly had his team car provide a new bike for him immediately, Ken Trenholm of the Summerside also had mechanical problems on this day after a descent of 72 kilometers-per-hour in the lead group, Trenholm's spoke broke in his rear wheel, forcing him to depart the course. No new bike was readily available. This was Trenholm's second broken spoke of the season.

As for the King of Kinora Mountains, it was created this year to provide the Summerside Cycling Club an opportunity to train on the Island's most challenging route (the Kinkora road) and to earn King of Kinkora Mountain points. At the end of two training rides, the rider with the top points will be crowned the "King of Kinkora".

This Saturday's ride was the first of the two King of Kinkora Mountain rides and brought out 7 riders: Jeff Proctor (New Hampshire), Jason Linger (Charlottetown), Wes Jackshaw (Summerside), Ben Kennedy (Kensington), Leo Flood (Kinkora), Paul Wright (Bedeque), and Ken Trenholm (Summerside).

The group rode together for the first two small ascents but soon the climbs grew to 230 feet and then 273 feet and that split up the group. At the tail end of a 310 foot descent is where Trenholm's spoke broke.

The first sprint location for King of Kinkora points was at the top of a 381 foot climb at the 20 km mark.

Linger and Jackshaw were leading in the sprint. Linger got the jump on Jackshaw and hammered up the 400 meter section and won the sprint by 50 meters, followed by Jackshaw, and then Wright. Flood, Proctor, and Kennedy rounded out the first King of Kinkora sprint points.

The second sprint location for King of Kinkora points was at the top of a hard 270 foot climb followed by another 110 foot incline at the 47 km marker.

Jackshaw took a different strategy on the second sprint. He first took the lead out and then settled behind Linger's wheel about mid-way point. Jackshaw then using the draft of Linger powered over him to the end of the sprint with Linger taking second, and Wright third at the sprint, followed by Proctor, Flood, and Kennedy.

The ride to the finish for top spot was a game of cat and mouse for Jackshaw and Linger. At the end, Jackshaw got the jump on Linger following a spell on Linger's wheel. Jackshaw took first by one tire length over Linger. Wright, Proctor, Flood, and Kennedy rounded out the riders for the day.

The overall training ride results are as follows:

1. Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 1:54:29 (31.45 km/h)  
2. Jason Linger (Charlottetown) 1:54:29 (31.45 km/h)  
3. Paul Wright (Bedeque) 1:58:11 (30.47 km/h)  
4. Jeff Proctor (New Hampshire) 2:16:20 (26.41 km/h)  
5. Leo Flood (Kinkora) 2:16:45 (26.33 km/h)  
6. Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 2:37:19 (22.89 km/h)  
7. Ken Trenholm (Summerside) DNF  

The following points were awarded during this ride and are the leaders of the King of Kinkora Mountains after Stage 1: Jackshaw 122 (50-1st; 45-Sprints; 25-Bonus; 2-start), Linger 117 (45-2nd; 45-Sprints; 25-Bonus; 2-start), Wright 97 (40-3rd; 30-Sprints; 25-Bonus; 2-start), Proctor 80 (35-4th; 18-Sprints; 25-Bonus; 2-start); Flood 75 (30-5th; 18-Sprints; 25-Bonus; 2-start); Kennedy 64 (25-6th; 12-Sprints; 25-Bonus; 2-start), and Trenholm 2 (2-start). Riders were awarded 25 additional points for finishing the challenging ride.

Overall Training Point Leaders
Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 233 pts
Ardelle Hynes (North Rustico) 104 pts

Overall Training Point Leaders
Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 790 pts
Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 660 pts
Leo Flood (Kinkora) 427 pts
Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 426 pts
Dave Clark (Summerside) 414 pts
Rob Cook (Travellers Rest) 302 pts
Paul Wright (Bedeque) 300 pts
Chris Silvaggio (Summerside) 297 pts
Jason Linger (Charlottetown) 268 pts
Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 217 pts
Jeff Proctor (New Hampshire) 176 pts
Mark Bowlan (Stratford) 171 pts
Chris Gallant (Summerside) 119 pts
Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside) 106 pts
Kenny Sampson (North Rustico) 101 pts
Jules Aucoin (Summerside) 94 pts
Scott Clark (Summerside) 67 pts
Harvey Chandler (Charlottetown) 54 pts
Paul Dalton (St. Louis, PE) 32 pts

The 60 km training ride is a part of a series of training rides organized by the Club to improve rider's strength, endurance, and conditioning in order to participate in the July 15 - 16 Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre's PEI Bike Fest and the August 5 one day across PEI Biking for Breakfast event.

The next training ride is on Wednesday July 12, meeting at Greenfield School in Summerside at 615 p.m.

The next, and final, King of Kinora event is on August 19.

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