Monday Night Beginner Road Ride
     June 20, 2017 — Mike Connolly



To all the riders who are going to be riding this year at the Monday night rides.


There is not going to be very many routes we can take for the first part of the year due to the construction in North River and Winsloe. We will be probably riding in Brackley, Stanhope, Union Rd, for a bit until the construction stops...........remember we are starting Monday night at 6 pm with a 10 minute grace period for people who show up late. We will be gathering in the parking lot of the Charlottetown Mall on the theatre side near the Canadian Tire. You will need your CPEI memership and I will have some one time riding forms for people to try out the Monday night rides,,,,,,,,,,,,see you all out there and happy riding.


Host:   Cycling PEI
Type:   Recreational — Road
Location:   Charlottetown Mall Movie Theatre parking lot. Locations may switch week to week after the program gets underway
Registration:   Online or in person on site before ride heads out
Start Time:   6pm
Cost:   Free for Members
Contact:   Jamie Penton

Ride leader is Jamie Penton. Routes are posted on the facebook page prior to each ride at

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