2016 Cycling PEI Award Winners
     November 17, 2016 — Mike Connolly

ADL/Sport PEI Volunteer Administrator of the Year – Tammy Craig
ADL/Sport PEI Volunteer of the Year – Brent Nicholson
CPEI Don Harris Memorial Recreational Rider of the Year – Jamie Penton
CPEI Event of the Year - The Fall Guy Cyclocross Race Series - Shannon Burt
CPEI Most Improved Rider of the Year – Earl O’Brien, Kyle Kneabone
CPEI President's Award – Albert Flavell, Joe Downham, and John Mullins.
Ron St. Onge Cycling PEI Builders Award – Luke MacDonald
Rigid Rider Coach of the Year – Brian Murray and Joel Mills
Rigid Rider Most Improved rider of the Year – Harvey Anderson and Matt Nicholson
Rigid Rider of the Year – Holden Sheen and Emma Walton
Rigid Rider Participant/s of the Year – Banfield Family, Jacob, Sophia, and William.
Rigid Riders 3D Award – Matt Jelley


Citizen Series Winners


Category Name  Placement
MTB Citizen Series U-13 Male Wyatt Thompson 1st
  Owen Connolly 2nd
  William Banfield 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-13 Female Jorja Hambly 1st
  Sophia Banfield 2nd
  Joelle Bader 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-15 Male Matt Nicholson 1st
  Andrew Craig 2nd
  Matt Jelley 3rd
MTB Citizen Series U-15 Female Vanessa Thompson 1st
  Grace Connolly 2nd
MTB Citizen Series U-17 Female Marilyn Sheen 1st
MTB Citizen Series Sport Male JT Nicholson 1st
  Regan Smith 2nd
  Lionel Stanley 3rd
MTB Citizen Series Sport Female Anna Brazil 1st
  Tammy Craig 2nd
  Emma Walton 3rd
MTB Citizen Series Expert Male Bruce MacPherson 1st
  Robert Wickstrom  2nd
  Mark Craig  3rd
MTB Citizen Series Expert Female Bonnie Hayden 1st
MTB Citizen Series 50+ Male Joel Mills 1st
  Brad Scheuermann 2nd
  Kent Sheen 3rd
Road Citizen Series U-17 Male Ronan Weeks 1st
Road Citizen Series Sport Male Robert Wickstrom  1st
  Arend Teraa 2nd
  JF Bader 3rd
Road Citizen Series Sport Female Tabitha Teraa 1st
  Ellen Sherren 2nd
Road Citizen Series 50+ Male Paul Wright 1st 
  Greg Dale Irwin 2nd
  Carl Richard  3rd
Road Citizen Series Expert Male Ben Instone 1st
  Cory Jay 2nd
  Lionel Stanley 3rd
Provincial Champions    
U-13 Female - Jorja Hambly    
U-13 Male - Owen Connolly    
U-15 Male - Matt Nicholson    
U-17 Female - Marilyn Sheen    
50+ Male - Joel Mills    
Sport Male  - Mark Craig     
Expert Male - Robert Wickstrom    
Expert Female - Bonnie Hayden    
Sport Male  - John Mullins    
Expert Male -  Jake Larsen    
U-15 Male - Andrew Craig    
U-15 Female - Anna Brazil    
Expert Mens - Cory Jay    
Sport Mens - JT Nicholson    
Road TT    
U-17 Male - Ronan Weeks    
50+ Male - Paul Wright    
Sport Male - Arend Teraa    
Sport Female - Tabatha Teraa    
Expert Male - Cory Jay    
Road Race     
U-17 Male - Ronan Weeks    
Sport Female  - Ellen Sherren    
Sport Male  - Robert Wickstrom     
50+ Male - Dale Irwin    
Expert Male - Cory Jay    


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