Citizen Series Road Event #5 Donagh Road Race Results
     October 5, 2016 — Mike Connolly

Male Sport Category:


Gold at 1:16:40 for two laps of 21 km each - Gerald Gallant

Silver at same time - Mitch Stewart

Bronze at same time - Arend Terra


3 more were within one second of each other and hence get the same time, including Scott Clark, Nick Foster and Reagan Mills (in this order).  Other sport male riders are 

Rob Binns at 1:16:44

Mike Freeman at 1:17:14

Lucas Boudreau at 1:23:22


Male 50+ goes to Dale Irwin, one lap at 41:50


Male Beginner goes to Patrick Chevrie, one lap at 46:31


U-17 Female goes to Tatiana Kelly for one lap at 48:29


Female Beginner goes to Stella Walsh (riding tandem with Mike Connolly) for one lap at 1:11:05


Female 50+ goes to Donna Dingwell for one lap at 59:09


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