Club Preparing for Slemon Park Bike Fest
     June 28, 2006 — Ken Trenholm

The Summerside Cycling Club continued training for the Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre's P.E.I. Bike Fest during their June 28 Miscouche Time Trial.

A total of eight riders participated in this 12.4 km ride with winds racing at a 28 kilometer-per-hour.

Jeff Hemphill of Summerside set a new course improvement record for the Miscouche course by cutting off 4 minutes and 1 second from his previous best time.

The second most improved rider for the day was Jeff Proctor of New Hampshire who shaved one minute and 44 seconds off his previous time set in 2005. This was Proctor's first training ride for 2006.

Ernie Schleichkorn of Summerside was the third most improved rider for the day (improving by 39 seconds) and Scott Clark rounded out the field with a 22 second improvement.

First-time course riders Nancy Woodington and Dave Clark also set impressive times. For Woodington, she earned an additional 52 training points and Dave Clark become only the 6th rider to break the 20 minute Miscouche Time Trial mark in the history of the club.

Rounding out the riders who participated were Leo Flood of Kinkora and Rob Cook of Travellers Rest.

The overall training ride results are as follows:

1. Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 0:27:04 (26.83 km/h)

1. Dave Clark (Summerside) 0:19:41 (37.80 km/h)
2. Jeff Proctor (New Hampshire) 0:22:05 (33.70 km/h) improved PB by 1:44
3. Leo Flood (Kinkora) 0:22:31 (33.07 km/h)
4. Scott Clark (Summerside) 0:22:32 (33.02 km/h) improved PB by 0:22
5. Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 0:22:49 (32.63 km/h) improved PB by 4:01
6. Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside) 0:23:20 (31.96 km/h) improved PB by 0:39
7. Rob Cook (Travellers Rest) 0:24:14 (30.77 km/h)

The following training points were awarded: Proctor 57 (45-2nd; 10-PB; 2-start); Woodington 52 (50-1st; 2-start); D. Clark 52 (50-1st; 2-start); S. Clark 52 (35-4th; 15-Improve; 2-start); Hemphill 47 (30-5th; 15-Improve; 2-start); Flood 42 (40-3rd; 2-start); Schleichkorn 40 (25-6th; 15-Improve; 2-start); and Cook 22 (20-7th; 2-start).

Overall Training Point Leaders
Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 171 pts
Ardelle Hynes (North Rustico) 52 pts

Overall Training Point Leaders
Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 539 pts
Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 489 pts
Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 331 pts
Rob Cook (Travellers Rest) 300 pts
Leo Flood (Kinkora) 298 pts
Chris Silvaggio (Summerside) 297 pts
Dave Clark (Summerside) 265 pts
Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 185 pts
Paul Wright (Bedeque) 151 pts
Jason Linger (Charlottetown) 151 pts
Chris Gallant (Summerside) 119 pts
Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside) 106 pts
Mark Bowlan (Stratford) 99 pts
Jules Aucoin (Summerside) 79 pts
Kenny Sampson (North Rustico) 69 pts
Scott Clark (Summerside) 67 pts
Jeff Proctor (New Hampshire) 57 pts

The 12.4 km training ride is a part of a series of training rides organized by the Club to improve rider's strength, endurance, and conditioning in order to participate in the July 15 - 16 Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre's PEI Bike Fest and the August 5 one day across PEI Biking for Breakfast event.

The next training ride is on Saturday July 1st, a criterium training ride meeting at Summerside Industrial Park at 8 a.m.

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