2015 Cycing PEI Award Winners
     November 23, 2015 — Mike Connolly

Volunteer administrator of the year - Tammy Craig

Volunteers of the year - Trails Committee - Charles Easter, Jim Rayner, and Chair Phil Arbing

Official of the year - Mike Connolly

Don Harris Memorial Recreational Riders of the year - Donna Dingwell and Brent Nicholson

Event of the year - Fall Guy Cyclocross series - Shannon Burt

Most Improved riders - Allison MacDonald and Omair Imtiaz

President's Award - Nora Scales

Buildier's Award - Shannon Burt and Mark Bowlan

Rigid Rider Coach of the year - Peter MacFarlane

Rigid Rider Most Improved Rider - Holden Sheen

Rigid Rider of the year - Andrew Craig

Rigid Rider particpants of the year - Llew and Darcy Gorman

Rigid Riders 3D award - Jared Gilroy

Citizen Series Winners MTB

U-13 boys

Rafe Hambly 1st

Owen Connolly 2nd

Wyatt Thonpson 3rd

U-13 girls

Grace Connolly 1st

Gotja Hambly 2nd

U-15 Boys

Andrew Craig 1st

Matt Nicholson 2nd

U-15 Girls

Anna Brazil 1st

U-17 Boys

Alex Phillips 1st

U-17 girls

Emma Walton 1st

Sport Men

Jared Stretch 1st

Don Mallett 2nd

Brent Nicholson 3rd

Sport Female

Lisa Phillips 1st

Tara Grace Scott 2nd

Ellen Sherren 3rd

Expert Male

Albert Flavell 1st

Robert Wickstrom 2nd

Mark Craig 3rd

Expert Female

Bonnie Hayden 1st

50 + Male

Joel Mills 1st

Greg Dale Irwin 2nd

Brad Scheurermann 3rd

50+ Female

Colleen Walton 1st

Susan Walsh 2nd

Citizen Series Winners Road

U-17 Male

Alex Phillips 1st

Sport Male

Arend Teraa 1st

Jared Stretch 2nd

Robert Wickstrom 3rd

Sport Female

Tabitha Arend 1st

Lisa Phillips 2nd

50+ Male

Greg Dale Irwin 1st

Carl Richard 1st

Paul Wright 2nd

50+ Female

Susan Walsh 1st

Expert Men

Cory Jay 1st

Charles Cormier 2nd




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