CPEI/Dalvay By The Sea MTB Stage #1 - Muck Raker Results
     June 26, 2006 — Kelsey McIntosh

The Cycling PEI (CPEI) season began this past weekend with the first stage of the 2006 CPEI - Dalvay by the Sea Mountain Bike Citizen Series. The Summerside Rotary Park was the location of the Summerside Muck Raker MtB XC event which had a large number of participants from all 3 Maritime Provinces.

Eight of the 9 categories winners were from PEI including Norm Adams completing the 11 lap Male Expect category in a time of 1 hour and 46 minutes. Other category winners were sport male (8 laps) Bruce MacPherson 1:15; sport female (5 laps) Madeline Hughes-Stretch 1:01; U18 male (5 laps) Kyle Knebone 50 minutes; U13 male (3 laps) NS?s Lucas McCulloch 37 minutes; 55+ male (4 laps) Ted Cross 1:05; and beginner male (5 laps) Cody Croken 1 hour and 15 minutes. An event first had Cycling PEI Executive Director Kelsey McIntosh (plate #911) participating in his first ever race and finished second behind Croken. Beginner female champion was Ruth Sturz finishing her 3 laps in an impressive 42 minutes and 22 seconds.

Organizer Tyler LeLacheur could not have asked for a better day as the run came out from behind the trees as the event official, Luke MacDonald called the riders to the start line. 33 participants in 9 categories took to the line in preparation for the 3.7 km course. Both LeLacheur and MacDonald would like to thank the many volunteers that assisted with hosting this top level event.

This event was also the first event for 11 new Mountain Bike Coaches who completed a clinic the day before. Cycling PEI took in NB?s Andre Ouellette for the MtB course, the first of its kind in recent PEI history.

The next stage in the CPEI - Dalvay by the Sea Mountain Bike Citizen Series is the Tour de Pants on Sunday July 30th at the Brookvale Nordic Park. The next CPEI Citizen event is the Smooth Cycle Road Series stage #3, PEI Bike Fest July 15-16 in Summerside.

2006 Cycling PEI / Dalvay by the Sea Citizen MTB Series						
Stage # 1, Summerside Muck Raker						
Sunday June 25th						
Category	Placing	Plate	Prov	Name		   Time
Expert Male	11 laps					
Expert Male	1st	850	PE	Norm	Adams	   1:46:33
Expert Male	DNF	859	PE	Mark 	Victor	   DNF
Sport Male	8 laps					
Sport Male	1st	837	PE	Bruce	MacPherson 1:15:24
Sport Male	2nd	831	PE	Mark	Creamer	   1:22:14
Sport Male	3rd	805	PE	Joel	Mills	   1:22:18
Sport Male	4th	808	PE	Mark	Bowlan	   1:26:03
Sport Male	5th	855	PE	Randy	Miles	   1:26:04
Sport Male	6th	819	PE	Jared	Stretch	   1:34:18
Sport Male	7th	832	PE	Frank 	Hughes	   1:40:52
Sport Male	8th	856	PE	David	MacLean	   1:41:48
Sport Male	DNF	806	PE	P.J.	Stephen	   DNF

Sport Female	5 laps					
Sport Female	1st	851	PE	Madeline Stretch   1:01:42

U18 Male	5 laps					
U18 Male	1st	858	PE	Kyle	Kneabone   0:50:42
U18 Male	2nd	89	NS	Sandy	Johnson	   0:51:23
U18 Male	3rd	88	NS	Shane 	Starkey	   0:52:02
U18 Male	4th	281	NS	Trent	Cormier	   0:52:18
U18 Male	5th	445	NS	Paul	Slaunwhite 0:52:52
U18 Male	6th	810	NS	Luc	Lochead	   0:53:00
U18 Male	7th	291	NS	Ryan 	MacDonald  0:53:08
U18 Male	8th	287	NS	Daniel 	MaCleod	   0:55:19
U18 Male	9th	846	PE	William	Mackenzie  0:56:00
U18 Male	10th	853	PE	Jordan 	Daigle	   0:57:50
U18 Male	11th	290	NS	Matthew	Williams   1:00:05
U18 Male	12th	838	PE	Lars	Nilsson	   1:00:06
U18 Male	13th	289	NS	Justin	MacDonald  1:00:07
U18 Male	14th	852	NB	Patrick	Oulette	   1:03:32

U18 Female	5 laps					
U18 Female	1st	828	PE	Hailey	Fisher	   1:20:25

U13 Male	3 laps					
U13 Male	1st	362	NS	Lucas	McCulloch  0:37:36
55+ Male	4 laps					
55+ Male	1st	860	PE	Ted	Cross	   1:05:06
55+ Male	2nd	855	PE	Arnold	Van Vliet  1:16:42

Beginner M	5 laps					
Beginner M	1st	833	PE	Cody	Croken	   1:15:34
Beginner M	2nd	911	PE	Kelsey	McIntosh   1:31:08
Beginner F	3 laps					
Beginner F	2nd	858	PE	Ruth	Sturz	   0:42:22

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