Cycling Canada Coach Nutrition Webinar
     April 2, 2015 — Mike Connolly

Nutrition (English) with Christine Dziedzic 

·         This webinar will cover the concept of nutrition periodization for the yearly training plan, using track cycling as a practical example. We will review topics such as nutrient requirements for different training phases and the principles of recovery nutrition. Other focuses will include nutrition strategies to boost the immune system, as well as exploring the place of supplements in an athlete’s ever-evolving nutrition plan. 

·         Christine is a Registered Dietitian and Advanced Sports Dietitian (Sports Dietitians Australia), and has worked in high performance sport for more than six years. Christine has recently relocated from the Australian Institute of Sport, where she worked as a Sports Dietitian for a number of national teams, and included a support role at the Olympic Games in London, 2012. Her current position involves delivering best-practice performance nutrition services to several Cycling Canada programs, as well as Rowing Canada and Canoe/Kayak Canada and Ontario. Christine holds a Masters in Sports Nutrition (by Research) and completed the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition in 2010.

Date/Time: Wednesday April 8th at 7:30pm eastern time

Language: English

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