TrailFest Spring and West Prince Event Summary
     August 20, 2014 — Katie Donahoe

The first TrailFest event took place June 14th and 15th. The first day the ride was from the Emerald Community Centre to the KOA in Borden. On the second day, the ride once again started from the Emerald Community Centre but went to Kensington.  The weather was not the best on either of those days however, we did have a good, energitic group who showed up to participate.

On the first day, once the riders arrived in Borden, chili was served and prizes were drawn before the brave group weathered the rain to head back to Emerald. The town of Kensington provided sasauges and water for the secod day of the event.

The second TrailFest event took place July 26th begining at the O'Leary train station and finishing in Elmsdale. Aside from a little wind on the return trip back to O'Leary, the weather was fantastic! There was an event greater turn out for this event than the first which was awesome to see.

The third and final event of TrailFest is the Island East Fall event, which is a three day event on October 3rd, 4th and 5th. For more information on this event  or to register please visit our events caladar or contact Mike Conolly at or call 368-4985.

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