June 29, 2014

We will recommence Tuesday, July 8th. We would like to be start right at 6:30pm so it is highly recommended that people arrive between 6 and 6:15pm to get ready, get your bike set, sign in, get your assigned group, then head out at 6:30pm.

You will have 2 options when you arrive. There will be a number of coaches doing technical sessions, if you want technical instruction you are welcome to join one of the sessions regardless of age. I hope to have the sessions published ahead of time and they will be announced at the beginning.

The other option is to just do the group ride without the instruction.

The Rigid Riders MTB group is a club and we ask everyone that is participating in the group rides on Tuesday to first have a Cycling PEI general membership or race membership if you are racing and also to get a Rigid Riders membership which is $30. The Rigid Rider membership gets you into the club and makes you eligible for the weekly draws, kids get a free jersey, log book and computer, gives you access to the coaching if you so choose, insurance coverage, and help go toward all the trail upgrades that are being done out at Brookvale.

Any non member who does not have a membership is not covered by insurance and if they ride in a group that whole group is now not covered by insurance as non members make the policy null and void.

Next Citizen Series Road Race is scheduled for July 12 in Canoe Cove. Details at

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