Most Challenging Training Ride Yet
     June 17, 2006 — Ken Trenholm

The ninth training event for the Summerside Cycling Club was an important ride for the club. Important not because it was a hilly and challenging ride and not because it was the first Saturday in a few weeks that it did not rain -- but important because this course is the same course that will have over 100 cyclists competing for top spot during the July 15 -16 P.E.I. Bike Fest.

A total of ten riders participated in training on this day: Kenny Sampson (North Rustico), Leo Flood (Kinkora), Chris Gallant (Summerside), Rob Cook (Travellers Rest), Ben Kennedy (Kensington), Dave Clark (Summerside), Paul Wright (Bedeque), Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside), Wes Jackshaw (Summerside), and Ken Trenholm (Summerside).

The group of ten riders rode in a double echelon for the first 20 km, each taking their turn at the front. As the group started to enter more challenging terrain, the group of ten riders began to split.

At the first sprint location, 32.7 km into the training ride, there were four riders who were in the lead group and with less than half a kilometre to the sprint, entering the corner, their order was Clark leading, followed closely by Trenholm, Jackshaw, and Wright.

As Clark entered the turn, Trenholm noticed a room on the inside and Trenholm got out of the saddle and started to accelerate and had two bike lengths on the other riders. The other riders were quick to respond. The sprint speeds were clocked at 52 km/h with Trenholm capturing first in the sprint, followed second by Jackshaw, then Clark.

The lead group continued to work together as riders behind them tackled the wind and the terrain alone or with another rider.

The second sprint would prove to be even more demanding on the cyclists. Unlike the first sprint on a flat road, this sprint was on a hard ascent to the crest of a hill. The lead group of four had turned into a lead group of three as 50 km into the ride, a rider was dropped.

Now it was Jackshaw, Trenholm, with Wright pulling up the hill in front.

As Wright pulled to the left, Jackshaw threw his body up and hammered out of the saddle to make a gap between him and the other two riders. Trenholm was able to stick to Jackshaw's wheel for the first 10 seconds but Jackshaw showed another burst of energy and crossed the line first in the hill sprint with five bike lengths ahead of Trenholm. Wright took third in the hill sprint.

Everything was shapping up for a hard finish on this hilly and windy day for all the riders.

The three lead riders re-grouped and rode together with 15 km to the finish. With two climbs remaining to the finish, Jackshaw was drafting behind Wright and then accerlated out of the saddle. Trenholm was quick to respond and brought Jackshaw back near the crest of the hill. By this time Jackshaw and Trenholm had gapped Wright. On the final climb of the day, Jackshaw was drafting behind Trenholm and again powered over Trenholm from behind to attempt to break away. Trenholm again responded and managed to get back on Jackshaw's wheel at the crest of the final hill.

All that was left now was one corner and the final sprint.

Jackshaw and Trenholm rode side-by-side and then Jackshaw got behind Trenholm's wheel in preparation of the sprint. Trenholm entered the corner first and hammered out of the saddle with Jackshaw out of the saddle as well. Trenholm had a small gap on Jackshaw but Jackshaw was gaining ground as the finish was in sight. Jackshaw eventually bike handled his way to beside Trenholm's back wheel and then to half a bike length. Trenholm took the finish by one half a tire length at the time of 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 28 seconds. Wright was third to finish at 29 seconds behind.

The other training riders were still on the course and battling the hills and the wind, some with another rider but most not having the benefit of drafting with another rider. The day proved to be a hard training challenge for all.

The overall training ride results are as follows:

1. Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 2:09:28 (30.83 km/h)  
2. Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 2:09:28 (30.83 km/h)  
3. Paul Wright (Bedeque) 2:09:57 (30.71 km/h)  
4. Dave Clark (Summerside) 2:16:46 (29.18 km/h)  
5. Kenny Sampson (North Rustico) 2:24:25 (27.63 km/h)  
6. Rob Cook (Travellers Rest) 2:24:26 (27.63 km/h)  
7. Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 2:35:24 (25.68 km/h)  
8. Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside) 2:46:00 (24.09 km/h)  
9. Chris Gallant (Summerside) DNF  
10. Leo Flood (Kinkora) DNF  

The following training points were awarded: Trenholm 97 (50-1st; 45-Sprints; 2-start); Jackshaw 92 (45-2nd; 45-Sprints; 2-start); Wright 57 (40-3rd; 15-Sprint; 2-start); Clark 52 (35-4th; 15-Sprint; 2-start); Sampson 32 (30-5th; 2-start); Cook 27 (25-6th; 2-start); Kennedy 22 (20-7th; 2-start); Schleichkorn 17 (15-8th; 2-start); Gallant 2 (2-start); and Flood 2 (2-start).

Overall Training Point Leaders
Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 52 pts
Ardelle Hynes (North Rustico) 52 pts

Overall Training Point Leaders
Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 539 pts
Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 489 pts
Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 301 pts
Chris Silvaggio (Summerside) 250 pts
Rob Cook (Travellers Rest) 249 pts
Leo Flood (Kinkora) 219 pts
Dave Clark (Summerside) 156 pts
Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 101 pts
Paul Wright (Bedeque) 99 pts
Jason Linger (Charlottetown) 89 pts
Chris Gallant (Summerside) 87 pts
Jules Aucoin (Summerside) 79 pts
Kenny Sampson (North Rustico) 69 pts
Ernie Schleichkorn (Summerside) 52 pts
Mark Bowlan (Stratford) 47 pts
Scott Clark (Summerside) 15 pts

The 66.5 km training ride is a part of a series of training rides organized by the Club to improve rider's strength, endurance, and conditioning in order to participate in the July 15 - 16 PEI Bike Fest and the August 5 one day across PEI Biking for Breakfast event.

The next training ride is Wednesday, June 21, meeting at Indian River Church at 615 pm; the next two recreational rides are Tuesday (430 pm) and Wednesday (615 pm), meeting at Shipyard Market. Visit or call Ken at 888-3878 for more info.

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