Atlantic Cycling Series Releases Dates and Format
     January 25, 2012 — Mike Connolly

Road Dates

JULY 8 – NB, Silver Fox Classic Road race in Salisbury.

JULY 29 – PEI, New Glasgow Road race.

AUG 25-26 - NS, Cape Breton Classic. TT and crit on the 25th and road race on the 26th. Must do all three races to count for the Atlantic Series as the GC score will be used for the point’s series.

Aug 18 & 19 - NFLD&L Port au Port 2 stage race. GC score will be used for the point’s series



Cross-country Mountain Bike(MTB)

MAY 20 – NS XC - Victoria's Secret

JUNE 10 – NB XC - Woolastook

AUGUST 12 –PEI XC - Red Mud Mountain Mayhem 16, the oldest MTB race in Atlantic Canada.


Road Categories

Category A: roughly 3 hours in length; 90-110km; average speed of 36-38km/h

Comprised in equal parts of some of the most ambitious and some of the most fit riders in the province, the A category is where a rider belongs if they desire to push the limits of both their fitness and tactical savvy, as well as those of their fellow racer. Although it is occasionally frequented by the province’s national-calibre athletes, its “bread and butter” are experienced riders who are lining up for a good time fuelled by competition with all, and spent competing with those nearby.

Category B: 2.5 hours in length; 70-90km; average speed of 33-37km/h

Category B is for experienced riders who are looking for competitive racing, but are not yet ready for the challenge of Category A. As one of our largest categories, Category B is populated by those learning the ropes of road racing strategy and honing their pack riding skills, as well as those who may lack only the fitness to race A after a winter of real-world responsibilities and training schedules.  

Category C: 2 hours in length; 50-70km; average speed of 30-33km/h

Category C is for riders who lack the fitness and skill to race in the B Category, but possess some experience with the dynamics of pack riding and are looking for a day of friendly competition.

 If riders drop down a category they cannot take their points with them and if a rider moves up a category you can only take ¼ of your points with you.

More information will be released at a later date including how the monetary prizing will work.

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