Jack Frost Winter Cycling Event
     February 3, 2011 — Mike Connolly

However, there are two requirements if you are to peddle for the allegedly fabulous prizes at stake.  First, you need to renew your membership in CPEI by logging on at and renewing, and second, you need to let us know you are coming.  Entrance to the Jack Frost grounds is regulated.  There is an admission fee.  CPEI members who would like to participate in only the time trial can get into the grounds without paying, but we need to provide names in advance to the Festival organizers.  If you have not been included on our 'volunteer' list, you will have to pay regular admission to the grounds.  Unfortunately, there is no way for us to allow for last minute decision making.  If you would like to participate, and we hope you will, please hit 'reply' and let us know you'll attend.  We'll add you to the list of CPEI volunteers who will be admitted to the site without having to pay.  (Please don't abuse this privilege; if you get in for the time trial, don't spend the afternoon playing on the rest of the site.  We are putting on this event to determine if we want to develop a long term relationship with the Jack Frost Festival organizers.  If you plan to walk the ice maze and take kids on the skating rink or ice slides, please pay the regular admission fee.)


The time trial:  You can show up in advance and practice as much as you wish (as long as we know by Feb 9th you are coming).  At 1:00, the rules will be explained in detail; basically, there will be one person on the course at a time, the event will consist of two or three rounds, best cumulative time.  The final round will be held in order of slowest to fastest.  Prizes will be awarded around 3:00.  This is winter cycling, so dress appropriately.  Peddling in snow is hard work.  If you have not ridden a bike in a couple of months, you might want to visit the gym and remind your cycling muscles that you care.  There is no race fee for this event, just heavy duty bragging rights.


Finally, if you would like to volunteer to help CPEI at the site, please e-mail to select times.  The Jack Frost site will be open Friday afternoon and early evening, and 8 - 5 on Saturday and Sunday.  For people who put in more than two hours helping CPEI on site beyond participating in the time trial, the entire Jack Frost grounds is open for fun. 




David Sims


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