4 Rigid Rider Coaches Attend Training
     January 31, 2011 — Mike Connolly

• Identify the 5 key Principles that contribute to the healthy

emotional, social and cognitive development of children

• Apply stages of LTAD while nurturing the child’s mental health

• Engage and motivate athletes

• Prepare a child emotionally for competition and manage

feelings around winning and losing

• Design competition that promotes Fair Play

• Communicate eff ectively with athletes and their parents

• Effectively manage behaviour


5 cycling coaches attended the High 5 training offered at the house of sport recently. 4 of these coaches were from the Cycling PEI Rigid Rider MTB club coaching staff. Matt Cormier, Nicole Boutiler, Blair Weeks, and Mike Connolly all took the training as these 4 coaches mostly work with the younger age groups at Rigid Riders which takes palce every Tuesday night at 6:30pm at Brookvale starting in May. Boutiler and Cormier were last year's Rigid Riders coaches of the year for working with the younger age group.



Ken Trenholm of the Summerside Cycling Club also took the training to implement this into the many programs he runs more specifically his summer cycling camps.


HIGH FIVE® Sport is a 5 hour training designed

for coaches who work with children aged

6 to 12. It allows coaches to have a better

understanding of children’s mental health and

emotional needs in a sport environment.


HIGH FIVE® Sport provides coaches with

expertise and tools on how to:

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