Indoor Cycling, “Watts It All About”
     December 13, 2010 — Mike Connolly

The new indoor bikes at MacQueen’s Indoor Cycling Studio are equipped with computers that instantly monitor and display data that is easy to see and read. (RPM’s,  Watts,   Heart Rate, Distance, Time and Gear Level). This technology, I believe,   will revolutionize indoor cycling and open the door for outdoor riders to come inside to train in the off season.

What is power as it relates to cycling?

The amount of work completed in a given amount of time by a rider is known as power. Power (in watts) = Force (gears from 1-24)  X  velocity ( RPM/Cadence).

Increasing the intensity and challenge can be accomplished by manipulating this power.

Why power based training?

*          Power meters represent one of the best training tools for improving                    general fitness and performance.

*          Power is the best indicator of performance.

*          The main goal of power training is to increase your watts per pound.

*          Each power zone reflects a different type of power for a different interval of time. (sustainable power, climbing power and explosive power).

*          Power training will improve climbing.

*          Power training will help target very specific types of riding;  example climbing , sprinting,  time trialing .

*          Power Training may make you a better runner.

*          Power can be the gateway to new experiences on two wheels.  You may be able to hang with a faster group, climb the hills you use to walk, or climb with speed where you use to get dropped, or just feel fresh during a touring ride.

            Power training will add variety to your workouts.

Combining power training and heart zone training makes for a powerful combination. (Watts represents mechanical feedback and heart rate represents metabolic feedback).  Every rider’s   power is limited by how well conditioned their aerobic system is. Building cardiovascular endurance, raising VO2, improving lactate threshold etc. will put a rider in a better position to increase their power.  

MacQueen’s   Indoor Cycling Studio has 18 Keizer M3 bikes. The Keizer M3’s are the newest Keizer bike on the market. These bikes provide excellent training opportunities for the indoor and outdoor rider to meet their individual goals in wellness, fitness or performance.

I would like to provide an opportunity for interested persons to come to MacQueens to check out training with power. If interested please call Kelley, at MacQueens, 368-2453

 or email,

Yours in promoting health and wellness,

Marian Grant


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