Trail Officer Program Info. & Becoming a Volunteer Trail Officer
     May 25, 2010 — Steve Flanagan


General Information Island Trails Trail Officer Program

-program began in 2002, the Trail Officer Program was the brain child of the late Donald Deacon, Charter President of Island Trails

-training is funded by Tourism and provided by the Justice Institute of Holland College, at a cost of $300.00 per person plus facility,travel  & meals (approximately $560 per person ) in 2003,04,05 & 06 (training provided by Sgt Dave Cheverie in 2008)

-the focus of the program is public relations, education, information and voluntary compliance, volunteers can write warning and summary offence tickets (sot’s) under theTrails Act

-10 volunteers received training at each session

-TO’s patrol in groups and cycle a designated area of trail on their own each week

-first appointments were made by the Attorney General , successive ones were made by Tourism Minister (after special legislation was passed )

-rules and regulations for TO volunteers were drawn up by legal counsel and Island Trails

-trail officers are expected to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours per week

-trail officers receive a $15.00 meal allowance for each patrol of 3 or more hours and are given $0.35 per km for approved travel

- partnerships have been formed with the RCMP, Conservation Officers, Crime Stoppers and municipal police forces

-the focus of the TO Program over the past three years has been weekly group patrols, and joint patrols with our partners in spring and fall as well as accompanying participants in Confederation Trail events

-the volunteers are trained in First Aid and carry First Aid kits, cell phones, as well as bicycle repair kits

-Tourism has provided $20,000 per year to Island Trails explicitly for the TO Program

-since its inception the program has been coordinated by seconded gov’t employee (Grace Blackette)for 24 weeks each year


-the continuation of this program requires annual recruitment & training of new volunteers as well as operational funding

-the trail officer program has been an asset in reducing illegal traffic and damage on the trail, thus reducing maintenence costs

-trail safety is a very important issue for all trail users and the continuation of a safety program on and for the Confederation Trail is a must

-operational funding of $20,000 per year has been funded by Tourism P.E.I., they also provide TO trail wear & supplies (jackets, shirts, F.Aid kits, etc)

-funds from other sources have been utilized for events, special activities,etc




   Volunteer form information:

  Island Trails Volunteer Trail Officer Program
 We are endeavoring to make PEI’s Confederation Trail safer.

Volunteer Trail Officers are expected to do the following:

-volunteer a minimum of 3 hours per week on a section agreed upon with the coordinator
      (or in a group patrol or event)

-document trail activity including  illegal traffic, trail abuse and/or damage seen on the trail,

-notify the coordinator if unable to do weekly patrol

-provide a report to coordinator as soon as possible and within 48 hours

-wear Trail Officer clothing and Identification at all times when doing “trail patrol”

-advise coordinator within 72 hours if you wish to discontinue volunteer duties, and  
            return all materials and supplies to Program Coordinator within the same time period
                    Island Trails  will do the following:
-provide training programs & information sessions at no cost to the volunteers

-provide Trails Act information and information on your appointment to each volunteer

-provide all necessary materials for trail patrols, including vest/shirt, camera, sots, ID, etc

-provide $15.00 meal allowance for each 3 hour patrol, providing report was received

-provide gas $ for approved  “trail patrol travel” outside volunteer’s home community

-maintain regular contact with each volunteer through email or other venue  

-compile report information and when necessary forward to appropriate departments

-provide volunteers with opportunities to voice concerns and constructive ideas

-provide regular information on Island Trails events and activities

Date: ________________________Signature: _____________________________________

Program Coordinator:         __________________________________________________
           Thank-you for volunteering with Island Trails, we expect that you will represent     
                                    the organization with commitment and integrity.
The role of a Trail Officer is Public Relations, education, information & voluntary compliance.



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