Indoor Cycling Spin Studio Classes
     February 25, 2010 — Mike Connolly

Every Saturday MacQueens offers a two hour indoor cycling "speciality "ride. This Saturday is an Olympic theme. Next Saturday is a mountain leg of the Tour De France. Do you want to get a jump on your outdoor season? Do you want to improve your anaerobic threshold? We can help the beginner as well as the seasoned performer. 

Indoor Cycling....An Olympic Event

Did you ever dream of competing at the Olympics?  Well now you can. This Saturday at MacQueens, indoor cycling makes its Olympic appearance. Our theme is ... Faster, Stronger, Higher. (Citius... Altius... Fortus) The sense of the Olympic motto is that being first is not necessarily a priority, but that giving one's best and striving for personal excellence is a worthwhile goal.

Competition starts at 9:00 am and events  continue for 2 hours. Come and test yourself (time trials, crits, climbs, and lots of laughs. Guaranteed to work up a sweat).



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