Red Mud Mountain Mayhem is Here Again. Lucky Number 13.
     August 27, 2009 — Mike Connolly

Red Mud is here again!!

Hey folks this is what we have been waiting for!   A RED MUD!  After years of hot dry Augusts' we are finally getting a muddy race day!   Come on... you know that this is what you've been needing...   A little rain or wind hasn't stopped you before...  You also won't want to miss out on the "Lucky 13" T-Shirt to add to your collection!   Pick up your friends, come on over and make it a RED MUD weekend!

We encourage everyone to come out and participate. Ability levels for everyone. Riders of tomorrow race in the morning for the young kids.

DAY LICENSES: There has been much discussion about day licenses. We will be offering a one day license at a cost of $20 which enables the riders to participate in the AM or PM races. HOWEVER, one day license holders will NOT be eligible for the cash prizes but will be eligible for all draw prizes. This $20 licenses covers the holder for insurance purposes.

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