Last Call for IMBA Clinic
     May 26, 2009



Trail Experience – Exploring ways to use trails. Trail Theory – What is a sustainable trail, and how do we create it? Look at ways to create sustainability. Sustainable Trail Design and Construction – Making sure the trail lasts. Trail Assessment – Finding the problems and determining the cause.

Trail Maintenance and Closure – Fixing problem areas and retiring old trails.

Creative solutions for problem areas – Explore unique solutions that have made trails work.

Basic Risk Management – Basic concepts to help reduce liability concerns.

Please note: Trailbuilding tools and materials required for the field portion of the workshop are the responsibility of PEI National Park. IMBA will supply

whatever can be feasibly transported by air travel.

Trail Assessment, Layout and Site Preparation

IMBA is recommending 1 day of trail assessment and layout on-site, in preparation for the field instruction portion of the

sustainable trails training.

Deliverable Product:

maintain fun, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible trails.

If there are not enough sign-ups, the clinic will be cancelled.




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