How Can You Help? VOLUNTEERS, the Vital Link
     November 30, 1999 — David Sims

How can you help?

Cycling PEI is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization.  Volunteers plan, organize and often participate in sanctioned road races, mountain bike events, recreational adult rides that range from introductory to strenuous, and children’s training programs.   We visit schools, hold technical work shops on how to care for your bicycle, and interact with many levels of government to develop safer cycing opportunities on Prince Edward Island.  CPEI exists in a context that includes an international sanctioning body (UCI), a national association, the other provincial cycling associations, and a provincially organized Sport PEI.   Being effectively represented within each of these groups requires commitment of seasoned volunteers.  Even our most enthusiastic volunteers have limited hours to offer; if CPEI is to maintain its effective level of performance and/or grow, we need help.  The good news is that we can accept assistance in many forms, ranging from occasionally showing up to help at events, to taking charge of events.  If your heart is with us, but personal constraints preclude offering your time and talent, a financial contribution would be highly appreciated.  Please contact our executive director, Mike Connolly, for details at We offer tax receipts for all donations through the Amateur Sport Trust Fund.

On race days, we concurrently need to register racers, set up the route, marshal the route, offer first aid, sell memberships, and maybe sweep gravel from corners.  For longer rides, feeding and watering stations have to be set up.  Once the race has begun, a few people can see it to conclusion, and many volunteers can go home if they wish.  If you could help out just a couple of hours on a few weekends each summer, your contribution would be valued.  For longer and more rewarding commitments, positions as training assistants for our youth programs, and learning to be a race commissaire (judge and course director) are available. 


Contributing to CPEI

Financial contributions to CPEI can take many forms.  Donations that are unspecified will be used to generally support our many programs.  If you wish, a donation can be directed to racing or recreational riding, kid’s programs or elite athlete development.  There over a dozen annual events (races and recreational rides) in need of sponsors.  At the lower end of costs, our wishes include having money to provide bicycles for disadvantaged children, and bicycle helmets and lights to give out at cycling rodeos for kids.   At the upper end, we would like to assist communities as they seek to develop new cycling associations, and improve our training programs for coaches and athletes.  Prince Edward Island needs more mountain bike trails and at least one BMX site that is Olympic-caliber.

 Parents, would you be interested in forming a regional cycling club?  CPEI can offer the insurance, expertise, web site and other infrastructure details, but we need people to organize rides, make them suitable for the needs of the participants, and generate interest in weekend, evening or daytime rides.  These could be Confederation Trail or road rides for pre-teens, teens, young adults, or whatever.  You could become a guide to take kids to and from school.  None of us know if we'd like to get serious about cycling until we try it.  Making the opportunities for others requires leadership.  In this case, its not difficult.  Advertise an opportunity, maintain an e-mail list, and ride.  We'll help to take care of the rest.

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