Biking for Breakfast Challenge call for Volunteers
     July 28, 2008 — Ken Trenholm

I'm sending this email to relate both exciting and much need volunteer support for next weekend, our major Biking for Breakfast Challenge weekend.  There are two events slated: on Saturday Aug 2, a tip-to-tip across PEI event; on Sunday on Aug 3, a youth event at Cavendish Grove.  Both events require volunteers and if you know of someone who may be interested, please drop me a line or give me a call at 902.888.3878 quickly.
Today I wish to introduce the opportunities to volunteer for the Saturday event.  We are in need of three additional drivers during the day. 
(1) One driver to help with set-up of the refueling stations and signs onroute and
(2) Two other drivers to assist with driving support vehicles and acting as a support to the riders. 
No experience is bicycle maintenance is needed as the cyclists are expected to have general knowledge themselves (and there are plenty of other people around to help out).
I would not be sending this message if the need for these three more individuals was not so important.  These yet "unknown" individuals will make the difference in this event being a success.  So, don't be shy, if there is someone in your network of friends who you are comfortable to ask, ask away.  Our goal is to raise even more money this year for school breakfast programs across PEI.
Support vehicle volunteers also have a free lunch at Clyde River, a free 10 inch sub at Subway in Cornwall that you can munch on along the way, and a free spaghetti / salad / ice cream at the end of the event.
There is also a volunteer meeting on July 31st that offers volunteers an opportunity to ask questions and run through their specific roles and volunteer expectations.
If you know of people interested in volunteering for the Sunday youth event, please contact me as well.
You can visit for more information on the Biking for Breakfast Challenge weekend.
In Pedaling Solidarity,
902.888.3878 (messages and home phone)

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