Bikes + 278 km = Breakfast?
     July 22, 2008


Over 180 cyclists will be hitting the highways this August 2 to raise funds for school breakfast programs in Island schools.  These programs serve up a nutritious breakfast to all students, right in the schools. 


Starting at North Cape and biking all the way to East Point, this 278 km ride is hosted by the Summerside Cycling Club.  It will be a fully supported ride, with vehicles carrying all kinds of help from food to first aid to floor pumps, and the occasional cyclist. 


The 278 km make this a challenge of endurance but you don’t have to be an endurance athlete to participate, the route is totally customizable to suit your cycling abilities.  Teams may form a relay, individuals may bike only a portion, whatever you can do – it will all benefit the kids in the end.


Breakfast programs are a vital part of a school community.  Kids from all socio-economic backgrounds miss or skip breakfast for all kinds of reasons.  School breakfast programs work to address all of these issues by making not only food available, but education and a sense of community as well.

For More Information, Contact: 

Ken Trenholm


Summerside Cycling Club

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