Biking for Breakfast Challenge Youth Eco-Bicycle Olympics
     July 21, 2008

BFB Youth Eco-Bicycle Olympics


Date: August 3, 2008

Location: Cavendish Grove (previously Rainbow Valley)


This is a proposed new initiative that will run in conjunction with the Biking for Breakfast Challenge, a one day tip to tip bicycling fund-raiser for school breakfast programs. 


The BFB Youth Eco-Bicycle Olympics will be open to any youth 12 years of age and under and their families (everyone is encouraged to take their bicycle).  The host location is Park Canada’s Cavendish Grove (the old Rainbow Valley site). This is an incredible site.


The is on Sunday, August 3, 2008, the day after the tip to tip event.  It has been observed that many people participate in BFBC and bring their young family with them.  It is also been observed that many children bicycle on the roads or on the trails without appearing to know how to ride safely (no helmet, on the wrong side of the road, on sidewalks. etc.).  This event provides an opportunity for kids to have fun with other children, learn bicycle safety skills and ecological earth saving skills for their -- and everyone's -- future. 




Registration 8:30am-9:30am  

This event is also a fund-raiser for school breakfast programs so any amount of donation will be accepted but is not required for entrance.  Prizes will be available for highest pledge earner.


There will be a registration site set up. A Ride Guide can then help riders make their way to the hub of the event. The Youth’s photo is taken with his / her helmet on and given a number to put on their shirt.  Family photo where applicable


10:00 - Skill & Eco-Learning

The group is then divided into groups with one coach plus volunteers for every 10 participants. These groups are then taught 4 safety items and 4 bike skills. There are four different skill teaching locations that the children are brought to by Leaders.  Each skill location has one leader and assistant. The specific cycling safety and skill sets will be adapted from the Canadian Cycling Association's Sprockids youth cycling program, and delivered by Cycling Prince Edward Island’s coaches and volunteers.  As well as teaching the youth cycling skills, there will be eco-learning opportunities designed to fit the age of the youth. 


Eco #A Park Interpreter Information Session

Safety # 1: Helmet Fit

Safety # 2: Bike Check

Safety # 3: Basic Road Rules

Safety # 4: Simple Hand Signals


Eco #B Park Interpreter Information Session

Skill # 1: Starting

Skill # 2: Stopping

Skill # 3: Turning

Skill # 4: Pylon Drills


11:00 - Group Ride

Once the four skills and taught and practiced by the youth, all riders meet back at the Hub.  The riders and leaders then begin a group ride through the site, travel the trail until it reaches Cavendish Beach. We will then have a series of fun events, where prizes are awarded for participation as well as outcomes. 


Fun Competition # 1: Water Bottle Relay 

Fun Competition # 2: Pylon Course

Fun Competition # 3: Figure 8 or Loop

Fun Competition # 4: Based on Knowledge from Park Interpreter


12:30 - Award Presentations & Eco-Friendly Picnic

The youth are awarded the prizes during the day for their participation. Families and participants are invited to stay to eat their lunches in a group picnic.








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