Dalvay By The Sea/CPEI Summerside Muck Raker Results
     June 22, 2008

The Cycling PEI season continued with the first stage of the Dalvay by the Sea/Cycling PEI Mountain Bike Citizen Series.  The Summerside Muck Raker Mountain Bike Cross-Country event was hosted at the Summerside Rotary Park.  The day was perfect for racing with moderate temperatures and light winds by the 10:00am start.  This was the first race for many new Cycling PEI members, especially for the new riders of the Rigid Riders Youth Mountain Bike Club.  Thanks to the City of Summerside, the many volunteers and our valued sponsors who continue to make this a successful and fun event.  For more information on cycling on Prince Edward Island and other upcoming events, visit

June 22nd, 2008  10:00am

Summerside Rotary Park - 2.9km/lap

U13 Male - 4 laps

Alex Wood 0:40:20
Jake Larsen 0:40:21
Chandler Bowlan 0:47:41
Tristan Bowlan 0:53:31

U13 Female - 4 laps

Bethany MacPherson DNF

U15 Male - 6 laps

Angus Galloway 0:47:36
Cody Fraser 0:53:29
Taylor Larsen 1:02:46
Simon Trivett 1:02:53
Michael MacDonald 1:08:19
Alexander Daigle 1:10:56

U15 Female - 6 laps

Morgan McKenna 1:05:42

U17 Male - 10 laps

Menno Arendz 1:31:05

U19 Male - 10 laps

Ryan Mills 1:21:26
Jorden Dailgle DNF

50+ Male - 6 laps

Frank Hughes 0:59:29

Sport Male - 10 laps

Joel Mills 1:21:45
Mark Bowlan 1:22:02
Greg Mills 1:27:26
Peter McFarlane 1:45:03
Jeff Bowlan 1:55:06
Jean Daigle 1:56:06
Mike Connolly 1:56:06
Andrew Trivett 1:56:06

Expert Male - 16 laps

Bruce MacPherson 1:59:40
Andrew Clark 2:05:23
Norm Adams 2:04:59

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