Summerside's Second Training Event
     May 24, 2006 — Ken Trenholm

The second training event for the Summerside Cycling Club on May 24 introduced the first female rider for the 2006 season: Nancy Woodington of Kensington. Woodington was joined by Jeff Hemphill (Summerside), Wes Jackshaw (Summerside), Rob Cook (Traveller's Rest), Ben Kennedy (Kensington), and Ken Trenholm (Summerside).

The Indian River event started with each rider starting the course in 30 second intervals, battling the course without the benefit of drafting. The course was hilly and grew increasingly challenging with the largest climb facing a 15 km/h headwind.

For the second consecutive event, Jackshaw had the quickest time followed by Trenholm. Hemphill, Cook, and Kennedy had the third, fourth, and fifth quickest times respectively.

Woodington completed the course in a time of 30:10 while riding a mountain bike, capturing the fastest time for a female uncontested for the day.

All riders set personal benchmarks to improve for the next time on this course.

The overall training ride results:

1. Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 0:30:10 (24.10 km/h)

1. Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 0:20:33 (35.38 km/h)
2. Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 0:21:34 (33.70 km/h)
3. Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 0:24:17 (29.88 km/h)
4. Rob Cook (Traveller's Rest) 0:26:17 (27.63 km/h)
5. Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 0:26:40 (27.25 km/h)

The following points were awarded today: Jackshaw 52 (50-1st; 2-start); Trenholm 47 (45-2nd; 2-start); Hemphill (40-3rd; 2-start); Cook 37 (35-4th; 2-start); and Kennedy 32 (30-5th; 2-start). Woodington earned 52 (50-1st; 2-start) for the day.

Overall Point Leaders (Women)
Nancy Woodington (Kensington) 52 pts

Overall Point Leaders (Men)
Wes Jackshaw (Summerside) 104 pts
Ken Trenholm (Summerside) 104 pts
Jeff Hemphill (Summerside) 74 pts
Rob Cook (Traveller's Rest) 74 pts
Chris Silvaggio (Summerside) 42 pts
Ben Kennedy (Kensington) 32 pts

The 12.1 km time trial training ride is a part of a series of training rides organized by the Club to improve rider's strength, endurance, and conditioning in order to participate in the July 15 - 16 PEI Bike Fest and the August 5 one day across PEI Biking for Breakfast event. The next training ride is Saturday May 27 at 9am, meeting at Indian River; the next recreational ride is Saturday May 27 at 9 am at Shipyard Market. Visit or call 888-3878 and ask for Ken for more info.

Ken Trenholm
Summerside, PE

Rob Cook in perfect aerodynamic form as he pushes it to the line
Ken Trenholm
Summerside, PE

Wes Jackshaw, Rob Cook, Jeff Hemphill, and Nancy Woodington

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