Spokeman Tour Coming to Maritimes
     July 8, 2007 — Megan Brown

I am sending you the website of a young man named Tim Harriman.

Tim is a young man from Airdrie AB who was diagnosed with a very deadly form of leukemia when he was 14.  His only hope for a cure was  2 1/2 years of aggressive treatment.  Now 19, he is cycling across Canada to raise awarreness and much needed cash for the Childhood Cancer Foundation.


He started his cross country trip in Victoria BC on June 3rd and enters the Maritimes on August 3rd.  He'll spend 3 weeks cycling NB, NS, PEI and Nfld before finishing in St. John's on August 25th.  I am looking for support from cyclists across the Maritimes to ride with Tim - for an hour, a day - even 10 minutes.  He has drawn strength and encouragement from the cyclists across BC, AB, SK, MB and Ontario who have come out a ridden a stretch of road with him.


I am not a cyclist but I can only imagine the months of conditioning and training he has taken on in order to do this trek.  How far down does a young man have to dig in order to get up every day for nearly 3 months to head back onto the road?  I'm sure each of you has a much better handle on what this would have involved for Tim.


So how can you help?  Check out his schedule on his website, contact other cycling clubs that I have missed, encourage your members to come out and ride with him, issue a challenge to each other to see who can get the most riders out, make a donation, sign his online petition to get September recognized by the Federal Government as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, contact your local media outlets to get publicity for the Spokeman Tour and your club's support of it.


You can contact me at 902-798-0271 (H) or 902-790-2242 (cell).  I would be happy to put you in contact with Tim's mom, Heather, who can give you more precise locations on where you can link up with Tim to share a portion of his ride.


Let's give him the support and encouragement he needs and deserves and let's show the rest of Canada what Maritime hospitality is all about.


Megan Brown


Windsor, NS

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