Summerside Cycling Club Graduates Youth Cyclists
     June 26, 2007 — Ken Trenholm

The Summerside Cycling Club held its graduation of its youth cycling program last night.  The program ran for 6 evenings in the Spring.  Each session was comprised of learning several skills in four different levels: safety, bike, riding 1, and riding level 2.  The group would then go on a group ride.

The program ran three evenings out of Rotary Friendship Park and then three evenings on the road.  The program is based on an internationally acclaimed program called Sprockids which is currently being implemented in 17 countries.  The youth not only walked away with the knowledge and practice of several skills, they also walked away with water bottles and a medal to celebrate their accomplishments.

This was the first year for Summerside Cycling Club has organized a youth cycling program.  The program recieved funding from the Canadian Cancer Society, Union of Public Sector Employees, and the Police Association of Prince Edward Island.

The club is looking at holding a youth cycling program on an annual basis.  For more infomation, visit or call 888-3878 to speak with Ken.

Summerside Cycling Youth Graduates
left to right, back row: Blaire Guptill, Hayley Simmons, Daniel Simmons; middle row: Madison Gallant, Tiffani Young, Jacqueline Hughes, Roy Paynter, Brodie Dawson; front row: Josie Williams, Emma Hughes, Madeline Arsenault, Allison Joppe.

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